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American Conference Football Championship Odds Released

The Bulls are second-favorite to win the title game, and the chalk in the East Division.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This might be more reason to get excited about the Bulls in 2016: the gamblers are on the bandwagon too.

Here's the listed odds for USF to win the 2016 American Conference Championship Game. We're leaving the name of the website listing these prices out because they are jerks and will lockup your money for weeks and when they finally do pay you it's via a check from a super-sketchy bank in Singapore that gets your account flagged by the Feds. Not that they ever did anything like that to me.

Conference Championship Odds
NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the AAC Championship

Houston 1/1
South Florida 7/2
Cincinnati 11/2
Temple 15/2
Memphis 11/1
Navy 11/1
UConn 20/1
East Carolina 33/1
Tulsa 33/1
SMU 75/1
Central Florida 100/1
Tulane 200/1

So you'll pay $100 to win about $350 (and your original $100 back) if the Bulls get the ring. With the separation of conferences this year as well, the winner of this game likely has the inside track for the NYE 6 bid too.

So where do you think the value on this list would be? I don't think I'd touch anything outside of the favorites: for me this is a two-team league in 2016.