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Only Dylan Rutledge Days Until USF Football Season

#58 doesn't even have a bio on USF's official website. Let's get to know him a little bit.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

#58 LS Dylan Rutledge
Senior, 6'3", 242 lbs.

2015 Stats: Rutledge did not play last season.

Position on Depth Chart: Rutledge is listed behind Alex Salvato at long snapper.

How He Came To USF: Dylan played high school football at River Ridge High School in New Port Richey. Playing both defensive end and tight end, he recorded 126 tackles and 13 sacks, and also caught seven passes for 72 yards and two touchdowns. From there, Rutledge joined Stetson's new FCS program in 2013. He played sparingly for the Hatters, and left the program to walk on with USF in 2014.

Recruiting Rankings: Rutledge was not rated by any of the recruiting sites.

Projected Playing Time: Unless Salvato gets hurt, Rutledge likely won't see any playing time as a snapper. Maybe he can fall back on some of his high school experience in case the team needs him or wants to get him some action somewhere else on the field.

Follow Him On... Dylan is on Twitter at @drut90, and on Instagram at the same handle (it's a private account).

Fun Fact: In a Tampa Tribune story in 2013, Dylan talked about his high school coach selling him on the positives of playing for a brand-new program. That coach knew what he was talking about -- it was Ryan Benjamin, a member of USF's O.G.