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The Unnamed USF Podcast: The Can Football Win A Trophy Edition

We kick off the 2016 season with lots of talk about the most anticipated USF Football team of this decade. Can they match the hype?

Miami Beach Bowl - South Florida v Western Kentucky Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

It's one week until football. Let's GOOOOOOOO!!

Joey Knight from the Tampa Bay Times joins Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond, and unfortunately Carl Zee live from the WBUL studios.

We discuss our outlooks on the upcoming football season, where we think USF will be good, and what they need to avoid to be at the top of the AAC.

We also got through the recent machinations of men's basketball (spolier alert: it's doesn't look good) ride for your CURRENTLY COMPLETELY UNDEFEATED volleyball, and men's and women's soccer teams too.

Then we play over/under on things like rushing yardage, attendance, and how much it would take to get Joey to go to a Drake concert (actually we didn’t do this question, but we should have).

It’s as mediocre as you remember! We’re usually pretty good about doing pods during the season weekly, only screwing up any projected schedules in the non-football season, so we’ll do our best this year too.

Listen live below, or search for us in iTunes!