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Thursday Morning Practice Report

The Bulls held their final practice of the week today before jetting off to Syracuse.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at South Florida Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

The Bulls held a one-hour closed practice this morning at the Frank Morsani Football Complex with final preparations for Saturday’s game at Syracuse.

From what I could see while waiting outside of the gate, the Bulls were doing a walk-through of different situations, notably third down.

USF had a terrible 36.8% success rate on third down last year, and was downright abysmal in the fourth quarter (12-48; 25%) but have turned things around so far this season.

The Bulls were 6-12 in the opener vs Towson and 11-19 vs Northern Illinois last week.

“We put a big emphasis on it throughout the off-season,” Willie Taggart said. “And throughout the first two ball games, it’s worked out well for us. It’s gotta continue to be that way for us if we wanna do things we wanna do offensively.”

Injury Report:

Taggart said Robbins’ injury occurred on Saturday during the game and it’s something that has happened before and he was able to play through it but Robbins wanted to take care of it. It appears it's his left shoulder as someone pointed out on Twitter. I suck at figuring out mirror-images.

It looks like Hector, McGee and Love are all in line to play Saturday. Taggart said Hector was doing a lot better today than yesterday.

Mack had been listed as probable all week so barring a set back or new injury OR just saving him for FSU, he should play Saturday.

Also, buy the t-shirts for the FSU game.