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#ThorToWWE is Now A Thing and We’re All In On This

What started as an idea to drop former USF offensive lineman Thor Jozwiak into WWE 2K17 as a character has now gained steam in real life. #ThorToWWE

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

If you know anything about the writers here at The Daily Stampede dot com, you know that many of us that are unabashed wrestling smarks (nerds), spending time in our Slack channel and on Twitter freaking out over a silly form of entertainment that’s predetermined.

Also, if you know anything about USF football, you know that one of the brightest personalities to grace the program over the past few years has been recently graduated offensive guard and Bulls sideline analyst Thor Jozwiak.

From his charismatic personality, to his awesome mohawks, to his toughness and resiliency (he came back from heart surgery in 2013 to see the program’s resurgence by the time he graduated), we’ve always said Thor has a future career in pro wrestling.

Imagine our delight when we ran across this on Thursday night, courtesy of our friends at the Student Bulls Club...

This all started when Carl and his roommate Ryan Haft created Thor in Create-A-Wrestler mode on WWE 2K17.

We needed one hell of a charismatic guy to help fill out our completely made-up wrestling promotion. We both looked at each other, said “Thor” and got to work. I tried to put him in football pads, but realized he would look great in an Undertaker-like outfit. We’re starting him off as a face because if anyone could debut as a face without getting totally rejected by the WWE, it's Thor. Ryan only tagged the real Thor on Facebook for a laugh, we had no idea he would respond like he did and that the idea would gain so much steam less than 24 hours later. Hoping to see Thor post that he received a call any minute now.

Afterwards, Thor himself gave his stamp of approval and challenged the WWE (whose Performance Center is in Orlando) to take on one of USF’s most charismatic football players.

That’s where the SBC stepped in and made #ThorToWWE a thing, even drawing Athletic Director Mark Harlan in on the fun.

Ryan and I marked out when we saw Harlan’s tweet. No, that is not a pun.

So of course we’re all in this movement and why not?

He’s big, athletic, and already has microphone skills, which he’s using as a sideline reporter for the USF/IMG Radio Network. I mean look at this...

On top of that, former college football players such as John Cena, Roman Reigns, and Mojo Rawley have gone on to have successful careers as WWE Superstars. Not to mention some Tampa native named Hulk Hogan, who may have spent a semester or two at USF eons ago.

So let’s go all in on the #ThorToWWE movement and keep it going until he actually gets a call for WWE Performance Center tryout.

The ball is in your court, WWE Director of Talent Relations Paul “Triple H” Levesque. Don’t miss out on the next big thing for your #brand.