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USF Football Odds and Ends: Golden Arms, Airplanes, and Tickets

A lot of other stuff happened around USF football yesterday - let’s review.

Temple v South Florida Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Quinton Flowers Named Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award Semifinalist

The Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award is given to the country’s top senior quarterback. Their original list of 47 candidates was trimmed to 20 on Wednesday, and USF quarterback Quinton Flowers made the cut.

Collin Sherwin of The Daily Stampede dot com noticed a little slip of the tongue in the Golden Arm Award’s press release:

So far this season, Flowers has thrown for 934 yards and run for 395, putting him on course for another 2,000 passing/1,000 rushing season. He’s also accounted for 15 total touchdowns — ten passing and five rushing.

USF Rented A Dang Airplane To Move Football Tickets

Athletics has put on a major marketing blitz this week get people to come out to Saturday night’s homecoming game against Cincinnati. They are leaving no stone unturned... and no airplane unflown.

If you still don’t have tickets, there are a few hours left in this 24-hour flash sale, which lets you buy tickets to two of USF’s remaining three home games (Cincinnati, Houston, and Tulsa) for only $40.

Bring The Right Tickets To Saturday’s Game

This is an important one. USF was originally scheduled to play UMass this Saturday, but that game was canceled in order to fit in a full conference slate. Instead the Bulls are facing Cincinnati. Tickets for Saturday’s game will be honored based on the opponent printed on them, not the date.

In other words, do not bring UMass tickets to Saturday’s game. They will not get you in the stadium. Bring your tickets and parking passes that say Cincinnati, even if the date is wrong.

We’ll go through the same thing in a couple of weeks with the USF-Houston game, so be prepared for that.