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You’re Allowed To Have Fun Watching USF Football

It shouldn’t be so stressful to watch a team on a 10-game winning streak. Have some fun while you can.

Temple v South Florida Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

USF football has won ten straight games going back to last year. It’s the longest winning streak in school history. They’re 23-4 in their last 27 games. Nineteen of those wins have been by at least two touchdowns, in games ranging from “nervy but pulled away at the end” to “full-on ass whipping.” It’s never been better to be a Bulls fan than it is right now.

So how come there are USF fans acting like those angry loser boys on the Internet who see pictures of beautiful women all dressed up and looking amazing, and loudly declare that no, actually she’s ugly and also (insert disgusting misogyny here)?

Look, none of us were happy after the Stony Brook game. It was hideous. But the last three games have been much, much better. USF’s outscored Illinois, Temple, and East Carolina 151-61. Aside from a half where Thomas Sirk played out of his mind, the defense has done very well. The Bulls have gained ground in the polls, and the only reason they didn’t gain more ground is because almost no one in front of them has lost recently. If you still feel like complaining, then you may just be searching for reasons to complain.

We’re getting @’s on Twitter and comments on Facebook that say things like THIS WON’T BE GOOD ENOUGH and YEAH BUT WHEN THEY PLAY A REAL TEAM. When is that “real team” showing up? It’s not happening for at least four weeks, and Houston may not actually be that good. It could take the entire season before USF plays a “real team.” Why would you spend the next two months being mopey and miserable? Isn’t there enough miserable stuff going on in the world to be upset about?

You are allowed to enjoy this team. You are allowed to have fun watching them play. In fact, I highly recommend you enjoy watching them while you can, because it’s nearly impossible for a Group of Five team to go on winning for years and years. No matter who is coaching here next year, USF loses a ton of talent and there is bound to be a dropoff. Plus, we all went through 2011-14 together when we would have done anything for a 6-6 season. We all know how bad it can be.

I’m worried that USF could go 13-0 and win a New Year’s Six bowl game and instead of being absolutely elated to have seen such a memorable season, there would be fans who wouldn’t be happy at all. They’d just be relieved the Bulls didn’t mess it up, or they’d still complain about the schedule being soft and say it wasn’t convincing enough. Once upon a time, I did that to the 2007 team and I still regret it. Please don’t do that to yourself.

Live in the moment a little bit, Bulls fans. You went through some tough times, but now USF has a really good football team. Don’t forget to enjoy it.