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Protect Your Unit Week 6 Results Thread

Records are made to be broken.

Iowa State v Oklahoma
Some Iowa State players taunt those who dared bet against them.
Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for enertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

First, a rules item: the Central Florida-Cincinnati game was stopped during the third quarter. As the game did not play the required 55 minutes, all bets on it are null and void. This includes the over, and the UCF money line. This is per rule 13.7.2: "A game ended before 55 minutes have been played is considered incomplete, and all bets on it are voided (even bets that would have won, such as over bets). The money wagered is neither won nor lost." Tough break for some of you.

A couple weeks ago, I listed some all-time records within PYU. One of them has been broken already.

Oklahoma was favored at -7500 to beat Iowa State Saturday, and lost 38-31. Unfortunately for McIntyre2K7, he took the Sooners, and lost 50 fake dollars he probably never dreamed he would lose. This blows away the old record for a money line favorite losing, which was -1650. For that bit of bad luck - and also having the misfortune to lose on FSU on the last play and not win the C. game when it was shortened - McIntyre2K7 wins Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week.

Another record could have been broken when Western Michigan and Buffalo went into 7 overtimes, with WMU winning 71-68. Nobody bet the over, though ucscott took WMU -6. The highlights are well worth a look: the overtimes involved at least three trick plays, including a double pass play on a two-point conversion they needed to keep the game alive.

And that wasn't even the craziest ending of the weekend. If you look closely, you can see the exact moment Florida State's heart rips in two.

A couple other games I found interesting: UAB upset Louisiana Tech on a blocked field goal. The Blazers could actually get bowl eligible in their first season back. That's their third win, and they have three games against Charlotte (0-6), UTEP (0-6), and Rice (1-5, the win being over UTEP). Then again, it would be just like the bowl system for this amazing thing to happen and them be passed over, just like happened in 2014 when the program was mothballed. The people who put together bowl games have zero sense of narrative.

Also unusual is that UAB played the game wearing the names of ill children on their jerseys. This is probably the closest thing to Powered By A Forsaken Child that will ever actually happen.

Florida lost to LSU the week after LSU lost to Troy. Surprisingly, neither managed to be ranked, leaving only three SEC teams in the poll: Alabama, Georgia or Auburn. Wonder when was the last time that happened.


BrianMartin 1463.87 106.82
jjlovecub 1322.73 -60
ElliotMoore 1137.96 -7.27
HerdCountry941 1132.88 9.54
McIntyre2K7 1107.11 -80.34
mcgies852 1055.46 -185.45
Defdans 1039.64 -2.73
collin 1021.73 0
ucscott 958.78 73.5
andrewpina 944.43 -137.27
mmmmsnouts 939.78 52.95
eastcoastbull 931.55 -11.36
GaryStephen 917.79 -59.09
DaGata 905.2 0
mwllz80 902.27 0
dsidwell31 881.5 -55.23
CarlZee 880.8 -128.18
Snafu13 801.91 -57.27
gym399 784.78 -250
Gibbsak 779.62 26.36
lrdnorman 720.17 -190
bullsonparade96 654.55 0
ULhothot 556.82 -207

Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week goes to defdans for betting the always popular 64 dollars against UCF. I’m assuming the 11 cents instead of 12 was a typo. Or that they’re actually slightly worse than 64-12, which would be even more spiteful.

Week 7 attractions: Fun Belt games on Wednesday and Thursday. Top tens Clemson and Washington State play road conference games on Friday. No Top 25 games this week, though LSU-Auburn and West Virginia-Texas Tech are close. The Oklahoma-Texas rivalry game is this week. San Diego State watchers should keep an eye on their home game against 2-loss Boise State, as it may be their last chance to lose. The reminader of the Aztecs’ schedule is dreadful: Fresno State, at Hawaii, at San Jose State, Nevada, New Mexico.

In the AAC: USF is back in action, hosting Cincinnati. Central Florida hosts East Carolina. Navy, a third AAC team in the poll at #25, plays Memphis. Connecticut is at Temple. Houston at Tulsa, whose defense is so bad Houston could score 100 again; and improved Tulane visits FIU in a non-conference game. SMU is off.