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The Bulluminati Podcast: The War on I-4 Livecast Edition

For #UCFHateWeek, we go live from our new sponsor, The Attic, and bring in fan favorite Steven Bench.

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You are looking live! For real this time! Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond, and Connor Akeman chat between one fern at the cozy downtown coffeeshop/beer bar, The Attic, with my new favorite view of the city. Plus, special guest/expert dabber Steven Bench joins us! We have the Facebook Live to prove it!

We are LIVE from The Attic Cafe in Downtown Tampa. Collin, Nate and special guest Steven Bench talk everything USF!

Posted by The Daily Stampede - For USF Fans on Monday, November 20, 2017

For those of you that didn’t tune in last night live, here’s the latest edition of the Bulluminati Podcast. Steven Bench kicks it off with an inspiring speech to fire up USF fans, analyze what happened during the Tulsa game, what to expect for the C. game and take your #AskTDS Twitter and Facebook questions. So put on your green and gold glasses and dial up the #UCFHateWeek as this game is for all of the marbles.





In the words of Mr. Bench, “This is REAL LIFE!”

*Since we were running live as well as recording, the level mix is odd in the beginning, but it cleans up.

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