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We’re Hiring! Come Write Bulls Stuff On The Internet!

Our salary is highly competitive with what full scholarship USF student-athletes get paid, minus the room, board, tuition, books, food, clothes, and cost of attendance stipend.

Throughout the year, lots of you contact us about writing for this beloved site. Well, Nate had to go and procreate and take away one of our best guys on the ground every day.

So if you’ve inquired about writing for us before, get an updated resume and writing sample to us. We’ve got lots of great people that aren’t in Tampa already, like Gary and Ryan and Nick, so we’re looking for folks that can attend games and events in the 813. Also folks that won’t embarrass us at press conferences (CARL!!), but will also feel free to ask about injuries that we’re clearly hiding.

Nate is so good at sussing out injuries that a member of the USF staff once asked if he had a gambling angle to all those questions. It was a shining moment in our history as a blog. We want people that love sports and love the Bulls, but aren’t afraid to be critical and ask tough questions when needed.

You’ll also get access to our Slack channel, which honestly is something we should charge for. It’s a repository of decades of USF information we could probably sell for hundreds of dollars a year, and all the stories we can’t print go there. You’ll also get to be an active participant in games like “which USF men’s basketball player might actually stay next season” and have questions like “what community member just gave USF a whole bunch of money” answered.

And it’s full of smart people that love USF. And Sandy makes us behave like non-heathens. We really love the Slack so much.


  • Send a resume and writing sample to usfcollin at gmail period com.
  • Be able to get to a reasonable amount of events on campus.
  • Be able to write. We encourage you to bring your own style, but sometimes we’ll ask for some straightforward reporting too, especially on the serious stuff.
  • Know something about sports. Doesn’t have to be football or basketball, can be any of them.
  • Be prepared to be professional at all USF events. Follow standards of sports media reporting. Don’t smell bad.
  • Never ask a “talk about” question or a “mindset” questions to any USF coach or athlete ever. YES THIS MEANS YOU TOO, CARL!!
  • Don’t take it personally if your stuff gets heavily edited because our copy editor (Jamie) is an actual communications professional and knows all the rules of English. Collin, Gary, and Ryan all have extensive opinions on the Oxford comma as well. We like proper grammar.
  • Be willing to get on our podcasts (when we can string them together) and do stuff like Facebook Live. You don’t have to be able to get on TV, but it’s handy sometimes: