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USF Baseball Coach Billy Mohl Signs Five-Year Deal

We knew the Bulls picked their man fast, but we didn’t know for how long. Now we do.


USF worked fast to hire new head coach Billy Mohl and through a Freedom of Information Act request, we have obtained the contract details for the new coach. (We requested the contract of former head coach Mark Kingston so we could compare them, but we haven’t received that from USF yet.)

For a first-time coach, this is a very favorable contract for Mohl. He will make more in his first year than Kingston did during his first season in 2015... although to be fair, the program is much better shape than the one Kingston inherited.

Mohl will make $150,000 in base pay during the 2018 season, with an annual $5,000 raise each year of the deal, topping out at $170,000 in 2022. He will also receive $50,000 in additional compensation for promotional appearances to shake hands and kiss babies, all while raising money for the program.

Over the life of the deal, Mohl will make $1.05 million.


He will earn an extra $5,000 each time:

  • USF wins the conference tournament.
  • USF is crowned regular-season champion
  • USF earns an NCAA at-large bid
  • He is named conference Coach of the Year

He’ll get $10,000 if:

  • USF makes a Super Regional
  • He wins National Coach of the Year

$20,000 if:

  • USF makes the College World Series


  • USF wins the College World Series

If the Bulls finish the year in the top 25, he gets $2,500, and if they finish the year in the top 10, he gets $7,000.

Assistant Coaches Pool:

Mohl is allowed two paid assistant coaches and one paid Director of Baseball Operations. He will have an initial budget of $190,000 to split among the three positions. Those also increase by $5,000 in each year of the deal, topping out at $210,000.

He stated already that he will be the pitching coach, so that frees up an assistant position that could really benefit the first-time head coach.

Termination and Buyout Clause:

If USF decides to fire Mohl without cause at any point during the contract the school will be required to pay a prorated portion of his salary for a duration of 20 weeks. If Mohl takes another job that pays him more than what he was making at USF, then the school’s obligation to pay him ends. But if he makes less than what he did at USF, then the school has to make up the difference.

If Mohl leaves voluntarily:

  • He owes the school $800,000 through June 30, 2018
  • $650,000 any time between 7/1/18-6/30/19
  • $495,000 any time between 7/1/19-6/30/20
  • $335,000 any time between 7/1/20-6/30/21
  • $170,000 any time between 7/1/21-6/30/22
  • $0 if Mohl leaves after the 2022 baseball season (essentially when his contract expires)

The buyouts are high for a baseball coach, but any big school coming to hire Mohl away in the future would be able to afford them. It’s very clever by Harlan to basically get that school to pay for Mohl’s replacement for a year or two or three.

Mohl’s salary is a far cry from the $600,000 Kingston will make at South Carolina, but USF just isn’t going to be able to pay a coach that kind of money unless touchdowns and pick and rolls are involved.

The #BillyBall era is upon us. Embrace it.