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Protect Your Unit 2017 Starts Monday!

At the last possible moment, our annual gambling game is back.

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Betting Area!
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Greetings, sports fans! Protect Your Unit Season 8 is now upon us.

I have been feverishly getting our official website ready for the upcoming season. That process works something like this:

For those not familiar with our contest; everyone starts with 1000 fake dollars, and they can place fake bets on any combination of college football games each week. We use lines from real sports books (online and live), and update them regularly. It’s the most realistic game out there!

The first set of lines will be entered Sunday evening or Monday morning. Rules are the same as previous years, except for how the weeks break down:

  • Because there are only five games this weekend, “Week 1” includes those 5 games, plus the first full week of the season, through the Georgia Tech-Tennessee game on Monday, September 4. Some teams, including USF, will thus have two “Week 1” games.
  • “Week 14” will consist of regular-season and conference championship games on December 2, plus the Army-Navy game on December 9.

Other than that, it’s the same as always. You must bet 5-25% of your bankroll each week, or take your one allowed “bye” week. You must make at least 3 plays, one of which must include an AAC team. Banter and $1 jackass bets are encouraged.

You can make over/under or point spread bets at -110 (meaning, you bet $110 to win $100). You can also bet money lines, in which your team only has to win the game, but which have different payoffs depending on how likely that is.

Finally, parlay wagers are available. You pick 2 or 3 over/under or point spread bets, and if they all win, you win 2.6 times the amount bet (for bets) or 6 times the amount bet (for three bets).

Every week, there is a “picks thread” showing everyone’s selections, and a “results thread” in which we tally the totals from last week. These threads also serve as general college football discussion.

To join, all you have to do is send me an email at and you can join. Players from previous years: your username/password is the same. Email me at the same address if you need to recover it.

Enjoy the season!