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Monday’s (Errr, Tuesday’s) Reading Assignments

School is back in session. Time to ignore the out-of-class readings the professor assigned.

NCAA Football: South Florida-Charlie Strong Press Conference
Professor Charlie is assigning all of you readings to do before Saturday
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

EDITOR’S NOTE: This will normally run on Mondays during the season, but Carl got busy so we gave him an extension.

Know your opponent: San Jose State related readings

Bill Connelly’s SJST preview: be glad we don’t play them in 2018.

Collin’s SJST preview! Already read it? Well read it again.

Joey Knight reports that San Jose’s QB will be announced as the ball is kicked off.

California has a state-sponsored travel ban against several states that make up “the South” and South Dakota. That includes public universities, which don’t have to cancel existing games, but opens the debate for the future.

San Jose coach Alonzo Carter used to be a backup dancer for MC Hammer. Apparently he can still move.

USF and other stuff

You saw Nathan Bond of The Daily Stampede’s thoughts on fall camp. Here’s Joey Knight’s.

Apparently Charlie Strong used ping pong at Texas to bring the team together. No word if he’s brought this tactic to USF yet. (courtesy Good Bull Hunting, Texas A&M’s SB Nation page)

THE BIG SB NATION COLLEGE FOOTBALL PREVIEW (with a great big FSU player on the front page. Ew.)

Week 1 betting lines, for your inner degenerate.