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Baylor Women’s Basketball Cowers In Fear, Cancels Game With USF

Well ain’t this some fraidy-cat stuff

Possibly the toughest non-conference schedule of any USF team in any sport ever got a bit easier today, and not by choice. Baylor women’s basketball pulled out of the New Orleans Shootout tournament on December 20-21, where they would have played USF to open the weekend.

Baylor has made the NCAA Tournament 16 of the last 17 seasons, and won the national championship in 2005 and 2012. Instead, USF will now play Dayton.

Just like when Wisconsin football ditched the Bulls for this season, it’s going to hurt the strength of schedule. But in this case maybe not much, because the Bulls still play LSU, Butler, Wazzu, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Michigan State, and Ohio State.

But how about it for Baylor head coach Kim Mulkey taking a look at the Bulls’ returning roster, as well as the addition of three five-star freshmen, and going, “I want no part of this.” When the going gets tough... eject!

Sorry not sorry, Bears.

Of course this doesn’t even crack the top 1000 bad things Baylor has done recently. Mulkey being so proud of her school is pretty gross as well. But we’re only here to call out Mulkey for joining the Guy Morriss Club and canceling a game with USF at the last minute.