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Let. Him. Cook. T-Shirts On Sale Now!!

For a limited time only, the biggest merchandise availability of the year.

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We hope you guys have noticed the uptick in our coverage over the last few months. We knew USF Football was going to be very good, so we thought we needed to be better as well. It’s cost us a ton of time and resources, so know that by buying a shirt, you’re helping to support us as well.

Consider it an expression of love for the USF offense. Buy one here, and always use this link when buying more.

Let. Him. Cook. Shirt

Again, always use this link (and make sure you refer anyone else buying them uses this link as well). We’ll give you a high-five and a thank you for your support.

You guys have been fantastic this season, and our numbers continue to grow. But to keep spreading the good word, we need more people talking about us. Believe it or not, lots of diehard Bulls fans don’t even know we exist. So when they compliment you on the shirt, make sure you tell ‘em where you got it.

Thanks y’all.