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The Unnamed USF Podcast: The Illinois Preview & #Irmageddon Edition

How’s everyone holding up? We’re back and we have a quick turnaround to Game Night!

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NCAA Football: Stony Brook at South Florida Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

Collin Sherwin and Nathan Bond are back at it again, this time with hurricane survival under their belts!

First things first, we here at the website hope that everyone out there is safe and OK and send our best to your family, friends and well being that the affects of Hurricane Irma were as minimal as possible. Our hearts also go out to those that got hit in the Caribbean and in Southwest Florida. We also hope that those still without power will be able to retain it sooner rather than later.

That being said, word came that the game between USF and Illinois will be played as scheduled this Friday at 7pm at Ray Jay, with a lot more special guests invited; so just as Collin’s power came back online we recorded a skypecast! The guys talk about their #Irmageddon stories and where we all were during the Hurricane, talk about some awesome t-shirts that are available right now, what to expect from the crowd and the Illini preview. We also continue #AskTDS, answer some of your Twitter questions and talk about pessimism vs optimism when looking at the USF offense moving forward.

This time around Skype gave us some interesting audio artifacts, I #blameIrma, so we apologize in advance for strange RF interference. Don’t forget to subscribe to the pod on Soundcloud, iTunes or your favorite podcast app. Also rate us and leave a comment.

See you at RayJay!