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Protect Your Unit Week 3 Results

Lots of people bet against USF this week. It didn’t pay off.

NCAA Football: Wisconsin at Brigham Young
Wisconsin-BYU was a popular play this week.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This contest is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

First, some scheduling news: the Memphis-Central Florida game has been scheduled for September 30. Memphis dropped a game at Georgia State, and C. a home game with FCS Maine, to make it happen. So the AAC conference schedule is once again whole.

This week’s results:

Wisconsin-BYU had a very wide spread early in the week, so a lot of players went for a middle bet on Wisconsin -13 and BYU +18. This failed to pay off, as Wisconsin pounded BYU. But I like to see this kind of creativity, so you all get the Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week. mmmmsnouts, gym399 and ULhothot.

Illinois +18 was also a popular bet. In fact, nobody took USF to cover, even in this game where almost everyone is a USF honk. So everyone who bets against their own school will share the Randolph & Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week. That would be mmmmsnouts, CarlZee, lrdnorman (who bet it twice), and myself.

Don’t think anyone’s ever won both these awards in a week. I’ll have to look that up.

East Carolina threatened to cover their 20-point spread against Virginia Tech, giving the Hokies a game for a quarter. But they reverted to form and the Hokies covered easily. Why’d they fire Ruffin McNeill again?

Everyone got Cincinnati over Miami of Ohio right.


collin 1499.00 273.64
gym399 1422.05 72.27
BrianMartin 1404.78 227.50
mcgies852 1290.91 131.82
jjlovecub 1260.00 -60.00
CarlZee 1253.07 29.46
GaryStephen 1235.97 -8.18
ElliotMoore 1218.64 150.45
andrewpina 1150.85 154.58
McIntyre2K7 1135.16 -1.82
ucscott 1124.59 101.18
mmmmsnouts 1055.91 -152.27
Defdans 1047.73 41.82
dsidwell31 1028.41 -100
eastcoastbull 983.82 183.15
Snafu13 962.36 -55.82
DaGata 905.20 0
ULhothot 902.82 -83.91
lrdnorman 898.07 -73.66
Gibbsak 843.54 -58.60
HerdCountry941 801.82 -109.55
mwllz80 765.91 0
bullsonparade96 654.55 0

Again, lots of people won more than $100 fake dollars this week. Collin hit 3 big bets (273.64). BrianMartin hit on Cincy at +185 outright. (227.50). eastcoastbull (183.15) went 4 for 4. andrewpina (154.58) hit 5 out of 6. ElliotMoore (150.45) hit 4 of 5. mcgies582 (131.82) and ucscot (101.18) also went into triple digits.

Week 4 games include: Temple at USF on Thursday night; East Carolina at Connecticut in a rescheduled game on Sunday; Central Florida finally getting to play again. at Maryland; Cincinnati-Navy in a conference game; Texas Tech-Houston; Southern Illinois-Memphis; Arkansas State-SMU; Army-Tulane and New Mexico-Tulsa.

Conference play begins for most Top 25 teams. Oklahoma State-TCU is the matchup of highest-ranked teams, followed by Mississippi State-Georgia. Several of the top teams have conference road games against unbeaten teams. Alabama goes to Vanderbilt; Penn State at Iowa; USC is at California; Washington at Colorado; Florida at Kentucky.