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USF Men’s Basketball Given No Additional Penalties For NCAA Violations

USF cooperated fully, and their self-imposed sanctions were enough to satisfy the NCAA Committee on Infractions.

NCAA Basketball: AAC Tournament - Temple vs South Florida Logan Bowles-USA TODAY Sports

No additional sanctions were added by the NCAA in addition to those self-imposed by USF as a result of violations in the men’s basketball program, bringing closure to the Orlando Antigua era at USF.

The previously imposed sanctions of a loss of 50 days of off-campus recruiting (served last summer), one scholarship during the 2016-17 season, and a $5,000 fine, were enough to satisfy the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions.

Orlando Antigua’s brother and former assistant coach Oliver Antigua’s admitted lying to the NCAA about securing tutors and hotel rooms for recruits, and he was personally hit with a two-year “show-cause” penalty. It basically means no one in college athletics will hire him until September of 2019.

Oliver put kids in hotel rooms, and helped them find a tutor (who happened to be the sister-in-law of a program assistant). He then lied about it, and then recanted.

July 12th, 2016

NCAA Investigators: We have information that was reported that was picked up from the Fairfield Inn on Fletcher. Do you have any knowledge about that?

OA: I don't have any knowledge of that.

NCAA: And to your knowledge, has Fletcher or “XX” stayed overnight — during the time - - this time when they were receiving tutoring; knowledge if they stayed overnight in a hotel...

OA: No, I don’t have knowledge of that.

November 9th, 2016

Ol. Antigua's final interview with the enforcement staff, conducted November 9, 2016, he confirmed the violations and explained why he provided false or misleading information.

NCAA: Do you know if either stayed at the Fairfield Inn on Fletcher Avenue during the month XX and whether you got them a room ~ got them a room — a room for them or not and your answer was no. Is that statement still true or false?

OA: It's false.

NCAA: So, you did get them a room?

OA: Yes.

NCAA: And how many nights did you get them rooms at the ~

OA: Two nights.

NCAA: Two nights? And did you know at the time that you were providing false and misleading information to the enforcement staff?

OA: Yes.

NCAA: And why were you doing that?

OA: You know, to be honest, I knew it was wrong and if I did, I'd probably lose my job and I lost my job anyway so, you know, at the time and then looking back, I just should probably should have just told you, you know, what happened to be honest.

USF’s official statement on the matter.

USF is pleased that the NCAA announced its completion of a 2016 inquiry into its men’s basketball program. After conducting a thorough and cooperative process, the NCAA agreed that USF’s self-imposed corrective actions implemented during 2016 were sufficient. We are grateful for the professionalism and cooperation shown by the NCAA and we are ready to move forward.

If this is all the violations that happened under Orlando Antigua, or at least all that could be proven, then Godspeed. No wins vacated, no future scholarships lost, and no future effects on an already-moribund program. Brian Gregory will have a full set of tools to use during his rebuild.

And credit to USF, who was noted by the committee for their “exemplary cooperation” during the investigation. Unlike a certain school down the street, who was noted for persistent obstruction during their run-in with the NCAA under a previous athletic director, football coach, and men’s basketball coach.

Orlando Antigua is currently an assistant coach at Illinois. Oliver Antigua, who noted on his now-locked personal Twitter account that he was once a Dreamer himself and is now a U.S. citizen, appears to be out of basketball for now. We wish the best to both brothers, who were great to deal with on our end while at USF.

And we stand by our previously-stated belief that Orlando Antigua is going to end up as a good college basketball head coach somewhere before his career is done.