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Haiku and Postgame Thoughts: USF 43, Temple 7

The offense was mediocre... and the defense was maybe the best it has ever been?

NCAA Football: Temple at South Florida Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Bulls defense, so good
But let’s not kid a kidder
Temple you are trash

The offense didn’t look great, and especially in the red zone bogged down a lot. USF left a ton of points out there, and probably should have won by 60+ considering the field position and turnovers the defense gave them.

But it’s a big win to open conference play, and against the team that kept you from the championship game last year. The defense came out with as much fire as has ever been seen, and they didn’t let up one iota. Thanks for reading the blog this week, guys.

  • Quinton Flowers’ first of two rushing TD’s tonight broke the all-time record of 32 held by Marlon Mack. He finished with just 96 yards passing and 59 yards rushing.
  • Temple had 33 carries for -4 yards. Now go read that again and continue laughing.
  • The 85 yards allowed by USF is the lowest to an FBS school in team history, and tied for fourth-least all-time.
  • At one point, Temple had six turnovers and three first downs. They finished with four passes intercepted and two fumbles lost.
  • Temple didn’t cross the 50-yard line offensively until 6:20 left in the fourth quarter.
  • Deatrick Nichols: Three tackles, two INT’s, two pass breakups, 1 forced fumble. We’re checking on how much popcorn he sold.
  • Auggie Sanchez, shut out last week on tackles: seven tackles, 3.5 TFL, 1 pass breakup.
  • Vincent Jackson Jr. with his first career (half) sack.

NOTE: we will discuss the attendance later. Oh, how we will discuss the attendance. Because that was pathetic, and EVERYONE is accountable. The university, fans, students... EVERYONE. But we are focusing on the game for now.

More from Ray Jay shortly.