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USF Football Imperialism Final Update: Lands Have Been Seized

ICYMI, USF earned itself huge chunks of territory heading into the offseason with its Birmingham Bowl victory.

Reddit CFB user Nathan Bingham (nbingham196)

Apologies for this being nearly two weeks late but in case you were unaware, USF's 38-34 victory over Texas Tech in the Birmingham Bowl earned them a swath of land that they will have control over for the entire offseason.

Nearly two months after ceding all previous land (and the Harambelt) to Houston, Charlie Strong was able to utilize the brilliant second half play of a so called glorified running back to topple General Kingsbury and his band of Red Raiders from Lubbock.

USF will ride into the offseason owning the Columbus area, plus much of Oklahoma, Arkansas, and north Texas including the major Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. (Our very own DFW resident Jamie has already claimed himself a high-ranking role in this new government.)

The Bulls have also seized parts of southern Indiana and El Paso, a place that USF has totally never been to before.

We shall see if our beloved Green and Gold army will have staked a claim to even more territory by this point next year.