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Protect Your Unit Week 7 Results

I gave players the option to sit out Week 7. They should have taken it.

Texas Tech v TCU
This didn’t happen nearly enough for our players.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for informational purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

I apologize for the lateness of this week’s report. Omaha got a freak early snowstorm that left the Protect Your Unit Global Headquarters without power all of Sunday. We survived by playing cards and eating the weakest.

I’d like to start by congratulating this week’s top winners!

  • Defdans, $41.25
  • jjlovecub, $20.45
  • GibbsAK, $11.72

Yep, those are the only players in the black. Only two others lost less than $100 fake dollars. Overall, our players lost $3,280.03 to the house this week. Great day for the house.

Where did everybody go wrong?

  • You bet on UCF. In an interesting trend, more and more of our players have been taking good ol’ C. against the spread, and playing the over in their games. This has mostly paid off, but it didn’t this week. UCF’s last-second win (their 27th since 2011) ruined 11 parlays and 6 straight bets, including a full Benjamin each from Snafu13 and dsidwell31.
  • USF played down or sideways to the level of their competition, and failed to cover a 7 (originally 14)-point spread against Tulsa. 6 parlays and 6 straight bets included this game, with mcgies862 wagering the most.

Which means... as a whole, our players had more faith in UCF to cover against a good team than USF to cover against a bad team. Yeesh. But, that’s good gambling discipline! You want to bet the teams with the most value, even if you hate them.

  • Six of you put the Texas Tech-TCU over into parlays. It wasn’t even close, with the final score being 17-14.
  • Virginia beating Miami, Virginia Tech not covering against North Carolina, and Duke over Georgia Tech were also misses for a lot of our players.

On the plus side, several of you had Florida over Vanderbilt right.

There was only one parlay win this week: E-dogg42 had Nebraska and Florida to cover, which they did. At $20 fake dollars, it paid $52 fake dollars.

ULhothot got what we call The Hook: his three-way parlay lost when Northern Illinois won by 3 and he needed 3 1/2. And since everyone’s betting on UCF now, I’m going to temporarily re-purpose the Randolph and Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week into the most spiteful defeat anyone suffers. ULhothot, the gambling gods were definitely spiting you on that one.

Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week goes to carlzee for jumping on that Tuesday Night Fun Belt game. And getting it right.

Standings going into Week 8:

BullsOnParade96 $2,777.62 -$354.55
mcgies852 $1,584.20 -$411.27
E-dogg42 $1,366.95 -$282.01
jjlovecub $1,288.64 $20.45
jrjs $1,245.89 -$102.91
Lrdnorman $1,166.99 -$31.11
Defdans $1,087.78 $41.25
ucscott $1,080.82 $0.00
ULhothot $1,053.06 -$146.27
GaryStephen $900.61 -$145.00
BrianMartin $895.91 -$296.00
collin $865.21 $0.00
andrewpina $862.08 -$151.82
Gibbsak $860.65 $11.72
carlzee $856.71 -$47.27
HerdCountry941 $828.51 -$218.91
mmmmsnouts $823.06 $0.00
Snafu13 $808.59 -$122.27
anthonyvito $665.28 -$11.36
dsidwell31 $552.69 -$175.00
undercoverbull $548.38 -$135.45
ElliotMoore $491.32 -$225.00
gym399 $356.10 -$182.73
McIntyre2K7 $255.64 -$190.00

Week 8 brings us North Carolina State-Clemson; Colorado-Washington; Michigan-Michigan State; and Mississippi State-LSU. Tennessee upset Auburn last Saturday; are they ready to take on mighty Alabama? The Tide haven’t had their annual bad game yet.

In the AAC, the Eastern Division race finally begins! Temple (3-0), Central Florida (3-0), USF (2-0), and Cincinnati (2-0) are all unbeaten in conference play. They finally start playing games against each other this week, when #20 Cincinnati visits improving Temple. USF hosts UConn, as we all know and absolutely dread. UCF is at East Carolina. In the West, Houston faces Navy, and SMU is at Tulane. In non-conference games, Memphis is at Missouri, and Tulsa is at Arkansas.