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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Shipping Up to Boston Edition

We’re headed to UMass! Well not us, but the Bulls prepare to take on the Minutemen in Amherst and we invite a new host!

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Welcome to the latest installment of The Bulluminati Podcast sponsored by RP Electrical Solutions LLC (813-949-2390). This edition has Collin, Nathan, Connor (for the first time this football season) and special guest Lauren Pickel bring her hot takes to the pod! (Violet the pupper also makes an appearance.)

In this edition, the gal and guys discuss:

-Nate’s #TDSFilmRoom, and how ECU’s defense had a great game plan to stop and stall the USF offense.

-How we are #NERDS and how that relates to our female listeners...or well anyone who doesn’t care about the numbers and stats.

-How information and local coverage is a two-way street.

-Preview the UMass game, how HC Mark Whipple is suspended for the game this week for his remarks towards officials during their game vs Ohio, how the offense is a senior-laden unit with a lot of reps together, and why no one is going to Amherst.

-Plug our USF-Tulsa watch party next Friday for the game. Come hang out with us and help us raise money.

-Talk about our bye week football watching this past Saturday on both TV’s (and phones!)

-And we play a game with our guest Lauren Pickel and listen in on her #firetakes.

-We also take your #AskTDS Twitter and Facebook questions.

-We also round-up the other sports and wrap up the podcast with an interview with USF Volleyball head coach, and friend of the pod, Courtney Draper talking about the resurgence this season, the heartbreaking 5-set loss to C. and the big game coming up this Friday in the Corral vs. Wichita St.

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