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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Michael Kelly & Black Friday Edition

USF VP of Athletics Michael Kelly joins Collin, Nathan, and Senator Giggity at the pod loft to discuss fall sports, facilities, and his first 90 days.

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Nathan Bond / The Daily Stampede

Welcome to the latest installment of The Bulluminati Podcast sponsored by RP Electrical Solutions LLC (813-426-6592), that’s a new number special for Bulluminati Podcast listeners and Florida Wellness Medical Group for all your physical therapy and chiropractic needs! This edition invites USF Vice President of Athletics Michael Kelly to the pod loft with Collin, Nathan, and Senator Giggity.

  • 0:00: Michael Kelly intro and discussion on the football program going into the final two games of the season.
  • 5:04: Thoughts on Michael Kelly’s first 90 days and how to propel the football program, and the department as a whole, into the future including improving facilities and support.
  • 9:36: Status on the USF Football Center.
  • 13:10: Why an On-Campus Stadium isn’t (and shouldn’t) be a priority and facilities discussion.
  • 16:21: First time evaluating coaching staffs across the department and envisioning that process.
  • 18:15: Men’s and Women’s Cross Country and resource discussion.
  • 21:11: Possible future sporting additions and opportunities that make sense for the department and USF Ice Bulls shout out!
  • 23:02: Bowl game possibilities, the 2019 open date, and AAC Media Rights Deal.
  • 28:46: We’re a basketball school.
  • 34:06: TOEFFL talk in the department.
  • 38:15: Rapid fire questions including biggest quirk at USF, best meal in Tampa since moving here, social media, relationship with UCF AD Danny White, conference realignment and more.
  • 51:01: Post-Michael Kelly chat.
  • 52:48: Temple recap. Collin’s experience at the Alumni Association event and his thoughts on the game.
  • 56:37: MALFEASANCE
  • 57:20: Why we didn’t ask everyone’s questions pertaining to coaching and staffing changes to Michael Kelly.
  • 59:00: Nathan breaks down the Temple game with some chilling statistics. (Blake Barnett is a damn warrior btw)
  • 1:01:13: Preview C.
  • 1:09:39: Why the sponsored Dunkin’ Donuts ticket giveaway is not a big deal at all.
  • 1:10:19: Ticket giveaway!
  • 1:12:12: Collin wants to talk about Women’s Basketball for a minute.

We also take your #AskTDS Facebook and Twitter questions and announce the winner to our final ticket drop giveaway (thanks Pablo Iglesias @thePabs20 for the generous gift!)

See you guys on Friday.

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