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Protect Your Unit Week 10 Results

Texas State v Georgia Southern
Would you believe Texas State was our best pick of the week?
Photo by Todd Bennett/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Believe it or not, the fourth quarter of yesterday’s Tulane-USF fiasco still had something at stake.

McIntyre2K7, down to $15.19 fake dollars, had hit two thirds of his last-ditch parlay. The USF-Tulane game needed to go over 60 total points to complete it. The score was 41-15, and USF’s offense had moved the ball to the 13-yard line for the last play. A meaningless touchdown against an indifferent defense would keep his season alive. But Blake Barnett was sacked, and McIntyre2K7 is now out of his starting $1,000. He may now make a sudden death bet, as per Rule 10, to continue playing. (I don’t think the site will let you do it; send me a note or post it in the discussion thread.)

Two more players are now below $250 fake dollars: BrianMartin (220.42) and undercoverbull (17.47). They may bet all of their remaining bankroll on one bet or parlay, if they wish.

Week 10 was another not-so-good week for our players. In fact, we haven’t had a good week in awhile:

1 365.47
2 1555.20
3 -675.54
4 274.17
5 -457.26
6 1325.25
7 -3155.51
8 -1687.91
9 104.74
10 -587.53

As a group, we’re 5-5 for the season, and some of the wins are pretty thin ones.

Straight betting was awful this week. Every single bet missed on Houston-SMU, Pitt-Virginia, Michigan-Penn State, Tulsa-UConn, UAB-UTSA, Cincinnati-Navy, Washington State-Cal, Alabama-LSU, Missouri-Florida, Fresno State-UNLV, and Clemson-Louisville. Ouch. That’s 30 fake bets total, for $838.56.

Our most profitable game of the week was... Texas State-Georgia State? Yup. jrjs and ULhothot took Everett Withers and crew +200 on the road, and won a combined $90. That’s the most on any one game, for straight bets.

We did better with parlays, some of which included the above games everyone missed as a straight bets. Here are this week’s winners there:

gym399 Central Florida -10.5 points over Temple
Buffalo -6.5 points over Miami (OH)
Kent State +2.0 points over Bowling Green State (WIN,WIN,WIN)
Central Florida 52-40
Buffalo 51-42
Kent State 35-28
80.00 WIN 480.00
gym399 Under 51.5 points in the Rutgers-Wisconsin game
Rutgers +30.5 points over Wisconsin (WIN,WIN)
Wisconsin 31-17
Wisconsin 31-17
40.00 WIN 104.00
dsidwell31 Over 37.0 points in the Northern Illinois-Akron game
Central Florida -10.5 points over Temple
Iowa State -14.0 points over Kansas (WIN,WIN,WIN)
Northern Illinois 36-26
Central Florida 52-40
Iowa State 27-3
50.00 WIN 300.00
HerdCountry941 North Carolina State -8.5 points over Florida State
West Virginia +2.0 points over Texas
Iowa +3.0 points over Purdue (WIN,WIN,WIN)
North Carolina State 47-28
West Virginia 42-41
Purdue 38-36
25.00 WIN 150.00
anthonyvito Over 77.5 points in the Oklahoma-Texas Tech game
Under 61.0 points in the Fresno State-Nevada-Las Vegas game (WIN,WIN)
Oklahoma 51-46
Fresno State 48-3
25.00 WIN 65.00
E-dogg42 Ohio -1.0 points over Western Michigan
Over 37.0 points in the Northern Illinois-Akron game (WIN,WIN)
Ohio 59-14
Northern Illinois 36-26
25.00 WIN 65.00
carlzee Buffalo -6.5 points over Miami (OH)
Kent State +2.0 points over Bowling Green State (WIN,WIN)
Buffalo 51-42
Kent State 35-28
15.00 WIN 39.00
jrjs Over 58.0 points in the West Virginia-Texas game
Over 77.5 points in the Oklahoma-Texas Tech game (WIN,WIN)
West Virginia 42-41
Oklahoma 51-46
5.00 WIN 13.00

For the second straight week, gym399 hits a parlay for $480, and backs it up with a second one for $104. Some other plays didn’t pan out, but his net win for the week was $454, and leaps him up the standings:

BullsOnParade96 2,127.62 0.00
E-dogg42 1,396.90 -174.09
jjlovecub 1,383.37 -27.27
jrjs 1,332.25 -0.14
gym399 1,319.19 454.00
mcgies852 1,209.20 0.00
Defdans 1,075.51 69.09
andrewpina 1,061.96 -99.44
ucscott 1,008.59 0.00
ULhothot 965.95 -56.34
HerdCountry941 914.70 29.00
dsidwell31 897.69 275.00
collin 865.21 0.00
carlzee 775.45 -31.54
Gibbsak 767.47 -16.36
mmmmsnouts 738.97 -52.27
Snafu13 713.60 -40.45
GaryStephen 684.72 -130.61
anthonyvito 668.01 -64.55
Lrdnorman 598.08 -240.00
ElliotMoore 318.75 -96.36
BrianMartin 220.42 -250.00
undercoverbull 17.47 -120.00
McIntyre2K7 0.00 -15.19

Dsidwell31 also a big gainer at +275.

It’s nice to see people are making spite bets again. BrianMartin put $1, carlzee put $6.66, and I put $26.25 on UCF to lose. They didn’t, of course, because this universe is overseen by a cruel and unjust god. But at least we won something, which is the Randolph & Mortimer Spite Bet of the Week. I also bet $3.93 on Mississippi State to beat Louisiana Tech, in honor of 3rd and 93 (actually third and goal from your own 7):

I’ve seen that play about 167 times. Keeps getting funnier!

While there are quite a few good degenerate bets out there, I’ll give the Floyd’s Money Team Degenerate Bet of the Week Award to snafu13 and gym399, for honest-to-god picking Rutgers to cover on the road, and having them do it. Wisconsin only beat them by 14.

What games are on in Week 11? Oh god, does it even matter? Allright... on weeknights, we’ve got Wake Forest-North Carolina State, and Fresno State-Boise State in an important Mountain West game. On Saturday, #1 Alabama hosts Mississippi State, and #2 Clemson has to go to surging Boston College. Auburn-Georgia, Oklahoma State-Oklahoma, Ohio State-Michigan State, Kentucky-Tennessee, Washington State-Colorado, Oregon-Utah, and Texas-Texas Tech are important conference games.

AAC games are Temple-Houston, SMU-Connecticut, Tulsa-Memphis, East Carolina-Tulane, USF-Cincinnati, and Navy-Central Florida. Remember, McIntyre2K7 must pick on of these games correctly against the spread to get an additional $500 bankroll.