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Protect Your Unit Week 15 (Bowl Season) Picks Thread

NCAA Football: Music Bowl-Kentucky vs Northwestern
Calm down, it’s only the Music City Bowl.
Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

On to the championship round! All the bowl games, including the national championship game between the Alabama-Oklahoma and Clemson-Notre Dame winners, make up Week 15 of this year’s contest.

First, a reminder of the rule changes for Week 15:

  • You must bet at least 10% of your stack (or $100 if you have less than $1000 total);
  • You may bet up to 50% of your stack (or $500 if you have less than $1000 total);
  • You must make 5 bets, instead of the usual 3;
  • You must make 2 AAC bets, instead of the usual 1;
  • You cannot take a bye week, even if you have a bye week remaining.

A couple other things to know:

  • Bets will not be displayed until each game kicks off. Usually we show them all at Friday 12:00 PM. But for bowl season, none will be revealed until kickoff time.
  • I will add a Standings page to the website, which will provide updated standings, and other useful information.
  • Your favorite fake bookie (me, and don’t you forget it) will be out of the country from December 21-27. So updates might be a little light that week.
  • ElliotMoore lost the last of his fake money in Week 14, and is using his Rule 10 Sudden Death Bet on Tulane -3. If Tulane wins, he’ll get another $500 to keep playing bowl season, though he’ll count as being down $1000 for the year.
  • If you missed more than two weeks during the season, you can’t win the season championship. You can still bet if you want, though.
  • BullsOnParade96 sends his regards. He’ll be back next season.

And finally, this will be the only Week 15 post. Traditionally, I use the comments section to post game-by-game updates, running commentary and other information on the contest. You can see previous seasons here: 2017, 2016 , 2014, or 2013 bowl seasons. (2015 was our year on 247sports, and I don’t know if those posts are still online.)

The most exciting past bowl season was 2014, in which three different players entered the National Championship Game with a chance to win. I’ll keep an eye on these possibilities and post as they come up.

Finally, here are the standings entering Week 15 for all eligible players:

jrjs 1679.91
jjlovecub 1251.37
andrewpina 1174.10
ULhothot 1077.08
E-dogg42 957.66
HerdCountry941 795.98
Gibbsak 756.56
Defdans 711.88
GaryStephen 675.11
carlzee 585.00
Lrdnorman 386.26
anthonyvito 379.69
gym399 316.55
dsidwell31 167.69

With most of our players in the red, it’s still anybody’s game! We eagerly await all the parlays, longshots, and other desperate plays that are out there. And thank you all for playing this season. It flatters me that so many of you enjoy taking part in this little endeavor. One of these days, I’ll finish my online sports simulation game, and you can all be my beta testers.

Happy Holidays, be safe, go to the Gasparilla Bowl if you can, and enjoy yourselves out there the rest of the year.