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Protect Your Unit Week 14 Results

Where we are, and where we could have been.

NCAA Football: MAC Championship-Northern Illinois at Buffalo
The MAC Championship had a big impact on the standings.
Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Championship week featured a lot of come-from-behind wins, which ended up having a big impact on the PYU standings. So let’s start with those:

BullsOnParade96 2,127.62 BYE
jrjs 1,679.91 52.27
jjlovecub 1,251.37 BYE
mcgies852 1,209.20 BYE
andrewpina 1,174.10 -112.10
ULhothot 1,077.08 -64.09
ucscott 1,008.59 BYE
E-dogg42 957.66 -199.22
collin 865.21 BYE
HerdCountry941 795.98 0.00
Gibbsak 756.56 25.91
mmmmsnouts 738.97 BYE
Snafu13 713.60 BYE
Defdans 711.88 -225.00
GaryStephen 675.11 85.55
carlzee 585.00 -151.00
Lrdnorman 386.26 BYE
anthonyvito 379.69 BYE
gym399 316.55 -250.00
BrianMartin 220.42 BYE
dsidwell31 167.69 -250.00
McIntyre2K7 0.00 BYE
ElliotMoore 0.00 -51.49
undercoverbull 0.00 BYE

To review the Week 14 games, I will once again take inspiration from The Price is Right and play “let’s see what would have happened.”

Let’s see what would have happened if underdog Memphis had held on to a 17-point lead and beaten Central Florida:

Defdans Memphis +3.0 points over Central Florida
Washington -5.0 points over Utah
Over 49.5 points in the Northern Illinois-Buffalo game (LOSS,WIN,WIN)
$75.00 LOSS -$75.00 $450.00
Defdans Memphis +150.0 money line to beat Central Florida $75.00 LOSS -$75.00 $112.50

Poor defdans. Instead of winning $562.50 on a big bet and a money line, he lost $150 - a swing of $712.50. If that had come in, he’d be in second place among qualified competitors:

jrjs 1,679.91
Defdans 1,423.68
jjlovecub 1,251.37

Let’s see what would have happened if underdog Pittsburgh had covered against Clemson:

andrewpina Pittsburgh +26.5 points over Clemson 50.00 LOSS -50.00 45.45
E-dogg42 Drake +42.5 points over Iowa State
Akron +30.0 points over South Carolina
Pittsburgh +26.5 points over Clemson (WIN,WIN,LOSS)
61.00 LOSS -61.00 366.00

E-Dogg42 would have added $427 to his total ($366 plus the $61 he lost), moving from fifth to second place. Andrewpina would stayed in third, but closer to the top:

jrjs 1,679.91
E-dogg42 1,384.66
andrewpina 1,269.55
jjlovecub 1,251.37
ULhothot 1,077.08

Let’s see what would have happened if Buffalo had held on against Northern Illinois:

Buffalo led the championship game 29-10 very late in the third quarter. They gave up three late touchdowns to lose the championship 30-29, and make the Over hit instead of the Under.

E-dogg42 Buffalo -3.5 points over Northern Illinois; Washington -4.5 points over Utah (LOSS,WIN) 55.00 LOSS -55.00 143.00
E-dogg42 Under 49.5 points in the Northern Illinois-Buffalo game; Under 45.0 points in the Utah-Washington game (LOSS,WIN) 20.00 LOSS -20.00 52.00

Another one goes against E-Dogg42, this time for a total of $270, assuming Buffalo could have held onto the under:

jrjs 1,679.91
jjlovecub 1,251.37
E-dogg42 1,227.66
andrewpina 1,174.10
ULhothot 1,077.08

Please note that if Buffalo and Memphis had both held on, Defdans’ big parlay would still have lost, since it had the over for NIU-Buffalo. So all kinds of permutations are possible.

One last one:

Let’s see what would have happened if Drake had pulled off the massive upset against Iowa State:

carlzee Drake +45500.0 money line to beat Iowa State 1.00 LOSS -1.00 455.00
GaryStephen Drake +45500.0 money line to beat Iowa State 1.00 LOSS -1.00 455.00

This would have moved the two degenerates who took Drake to win right into the race:

jrjs 1,679.91
jjlovecub 1,251.37
andrewpina 1,174.10
GaryStephen 1,131.11
ULhothot 1,077.08
carlzee 1,041.00
E-dogg42 957.66

Drake damn near pulled this off. They stayed close the entire game, and got the ball back in ISU territory with six minutes to go, only trailing by three points. But the ISU defense stiffened up, and they lost 27-24. Imagine USF needing a fourth-quarter defensive stand to preserve victory against Stetson or Jacksonville (who play in Drake’s non-scholarship conference).

A couple other bets of note:

  • DSidwell31 staked $250 on Army -7 and the Army-Navy game being over 41 points. The over was never seriously threatened, and a late Navy touchdown made the point spread bet a push, but it would have won $625 and moved him over $1000 fake dollars for the season.
  • ElliottMoore bet his last $51.49 on Texas to beat Oklahoma outright in the Big XII title game. It didn’t come through, so he joins McIntyre2K7 and UndercoverBull on the sidelines. He has the option to correctly pick the first game of bowl season against the spread, and get $500 more to play with for bowl season.
  • Somehow, the Liberty-Norfolk State point spread fluctuated from +5 to +29.5. It didn’t matter, as Liberty won by 31. Two players did cash in on a favorable -200 money line that was offered early in the week.
  • gym399 missed on a three-way parlay when Marshall-Virginia Tech went over 51 points.

And with that, we end the PYU regular season. All bowl games, including the National Championship Game between the semi-final winners, are considered part of Week 15. There are some different rules: you must bet at least 10% of your stack (or $100), and may bet a maximum of 50% of your stack (or $500). You must place 5 wagers. 2 of which must involve an AAC team. You may not exercise a bye week, even if you have one remaining.

I have to do some tweaking to the ol’ PYU website, so as soon as that is done, Bowl Season will begin.