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USF Football On-Campus Stadium Funding: We Want Your Opinion

USF Student Government is proposing placing a student fee on top of tuition to help fund the football stadium. We want to know what you think about that.


On April 1st, the USF Oracle ran this story. TL;DR, USF Student Government is proposing adding a fee onto tuition that may range from $30 to $80 a semester. The article implied that general student sentiment is for the additional fee.

However, a quick conversation with some of the more hardcore USF student fans saw two immediate “hard swerve” reactions. So we’re curious, what do you guys actually think about adding an additional fee for students? The survey is open to everybody, not just students. We want everyone’s opinion on this.

If the students must foot the hypothetical $80 fee per semester, would you (alumni) also donate $80 per semester? We recognize that some of you already donate, but would you, just like the students, give an additional $80 to help facilitate building the OCS?

If y’all could follow the link and complete the survey, that’d be stellar. Also, leave a comment on this story or reach out on Twitter @StampedeSBN to continue this discussion.