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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Megacast Edition

The gang’s (mostly) all here for this special skypecast edition of the podcast. It’s like you’re attending Happy Hour with your favorite USF website.

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Temple v South Florida Photo by Brian Blanco/Getty Images

Hold on to your butts ‘cause the newest edition of The Bulluminati Podcast is gonna be yuuuuuuuge. Collin Sherwin, Nathan Bond and Senator Giggity are joined by Nick Simon, Connor Akeman, and Jamie DeVriend in this special mega-skypecast!

Topics covered include Blake Barnett’s announced transfer to USF from earlier in the week and what that means to the USF roster, softball’s huge 12-inning victory vs. UConn in the Conference Tournament, crazy softball rules that we didn’t understand until today (and still don’t quite understand), USF’s next game vs. Memphis on Friday at 4:30 p.m., and why the heck are softball Conference Tournaments single elimination!?

The guys also cover the baseball loss to UF on Tuesday, preview the Wichita St series this weekend in Kansas (where the Basebulls make their first trip), look at potential AAC Conference Championship match-ups, and poke fun at UConn for not having lights (again,) while also congratulating Men’s Golf on starting their NCAA regional Monday.

Since Nick Simon joined us on the podcast for the first time we also talk the success of recruiting the Peach State, how this staff has made it a priority and Nick’s thoughts on that. In addition since we have most of the blog in one spot we also take an extremely way-too-early look at the football schedule and make our way-too-early predictions (Spoiler Alert: Collin is v optimistic) and well as much of other goodies! So sit back, relax and enjoy this mildly-NSFW version of the Bulluminati Megacast!

((Also we totally didn’t address this but Go Bolts!))

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