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The 2018 Daily Stampede Awards (Part 2)

In our annual awards, we’re picking the best and worst games of the year across all of USF’s sports.


In part one of our annual awards, the staff picked the best teams and athletes from the 2017-18 USF sports season, along with our most surprising and disappointing teams.

Today we move on to individual games. Some of them good, others bringing back painful memories that you probably tried to burn from you mem...FOURTH AND 24. ARE. YOU. SERIOUS?

Best Game

Nathan: War on I-4. Being on the sideline for the final three touchdowns and seeing the highs and lows from the USF bench after each score was something I’ll never forget.

Steeg: USF vs UCF football. Arguably the best football game in college football last year

Jamie: Birmingham Bowl over Texas Tech and the subsequent hour of dunking all over Viva The Matadors. You come at Quinton Flowers, you best not miss.

Ryan: War on I-4

Vito: Don’t make me say it, War on I-4. You don’t see many games like that, especially live.

Carl: USF vs’s soccer. I-4 played out beautifully at Corbett this year, USF coming out on top 3-2 in overtime. Also a 30+ yard screamer to tie the game is gonna look spectacular.

Josh: USF/UCF Football

Senator Giggity: USF-UCF fooseball. The outcome was bullshit, but that game was fantastic.

Nick: War on I-4. Here me out, USF has never been a part of an end of season, high stakes game that was filled with drama, excitement, and brilliant play from both sides.

Tyre McCants literally dragging a dude into the endzone, Quinton Flowers turning into super saiyan, BJM switching to dime and stalling C.’s offense for a quarter and a half, the Salomon TD, the improvised two-point conversion to tie it. Hell, even McKenzie Milton’s option pitch TD in the first half was beautiful to watch from an unbiased standpoint. Absolutely thrilling.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Central Florida Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Biggest Upset

Nathan: Special teams coach Justin Burke keeping his job after the atrocity of a job he did this year with a senior kicker and punter. Good luck with n00bs Justin.

Steeg: USF over Ohio State women’s basketball. IMO the only big upset that USF got this year and it was huuuuuge.

Jamie: That USF got away with all of Oliver Antigua’s antics with minor self-imposed sanctions.

Ryan: USF men’s basketball fielding a team.

Vito: Women’s Soccer winning the conference championship vs C. in Oviedo in penalty kicks. Not only against their rival, but a top ten opponent who won the regular season title. That was sweet and definitely a surprise.

Honorable Mention: #13 tOSU comes into Tampa and gets #Laksa’d. USF makes a huge statement and Kit was unstoppable.

Josh: WSOC over UCF for AAC Title.

Carl: USF vs UCF women’s soccer conference final. The Bulls shut down the #8 team in the country for the second time in a week and took them to a shootout.

Anything can happen in shootouts, and USF channeled their inner Germans and ruthlessly buried every chance they needed. Kat Elliot made the big save to allow the championship clinching penalty.

Senator Giggity: WSoc beating UCF.

Nick: Women’s basketball over Ohio State in February.


Worst Game

Nathan: 10/28/17. The Houston game cemented Sterlin Gilbert’s assiness as a playcaller.

Steeg: USF vs Buffalo women’s basketball, after all the talk that USF was snubbed at a six seed, coming out completely flat and giving up 100 points to a team not named UConn hurts.

Jamie: See, everyone is saying Houston, but at least that was a decent team with a fantastic defensive player, and it still took an out of the box coaching decision and complete fluke play to lose.

I’m voting for the Tulsa game. Tulsa was a HORRIBLE team. Their defense was a disaster. They got beat by UConn, for God’s sake. And yet Sterlin Gilbert single-handedly kept them in the game with another disgraceful playcalling effort. USF got exactly one first down in the fourth quarter and Tulsa actually had a chance to tie at the end.

This was worse than Houston because we already knew calling plays like that could get you beat, AND HE DID IT AGAIN ANYWAY. That was a fireable offense.

Ryan: War on I-4

Vito: War on I-4. There were numerous times on podcasts throughout the year where Collin, Nate, et al mentioned it would all come down to Black Friday; and the loser would feel the lowest of lows. I would know, I edited them all. #TheSadpede was hard.

Josh: Houston/USF Football

Carl: USF vs Houston, football. Everything wrong with the team that we saw came up all at once in one ugly affair.

Senator Giggity: Houston. LOOKING AT YOU, STERLIN.

Nick: War on I-4. Collin said earlier in the year that the winner would be on the highest of highs and the loser would be devastated like they never have before. And unfortunately, the latter was us.

Honorable mention to the awful Tulsa game from the week before and women’s basketball getting torched by Buffalo in the NCAA Tournament.

NCAA Football: Houston at South Florida
Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports