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The 2018 Daily Stampede Awards (Part 3)

To wrap up our annual awards, we’re looking at the best coaching job, the biggest controversy, and some funniest moments/stories from the 2017-18 athletic year.


In part three of our annual awards, the TDS staff mulls over the biggest controversy of the year, funniest moment, and best coaching job.

Biggest Controversy

Nathan: Let’s see: Charlie Strong’s silence after Kevaughn Dingle was arrested. The schools’ silence after all of the charges were dropped. The last act of athletic director Mark Harlan being that he didn’t even submit a bid to host an NCAA regional for baseball.

Harlan giving USF about 40 minutes notice before the University of Utah sent out their press release. The registrar’s office forgetting to input Alyssa Rader’s grades prior to the Oklahoma game, making her ineligible to play in the game that everyone expected her to be able to play.

Oh, and President Judy Genshaft making millions off the backs of illegal immigrants. There’s just too many things to pick from.

Steeg: USF not bidding for CWS regionals. Everyone that I’ve spoken to about this is either furious that we didn’t bid, or understanding that it may have been a wash, but Harlan leaving a few weeks later made this suspect for me.

Jamie: What a year for USF drama! Judy’s brother’s company hiring illegal immigrants under the table should win, but that’s not a sports story.

I’ll go with Keyvaughn Dingle’s arrest for sexual battery and the cat getting Charlie Strong’s tongue for what, a month? While the charges were eventually dropped, it’s not a good look in this day and age to say nothing.

Ryan: Football offensive playcalling.

Vito: Printing “conference championship” rings for a regular season championship vs a tournament championship. War-on-I4 women’s soccer edition. You know it’s big when the ADs get involved and #USFTwitter and #UCFTwitter are at their worst.

Carl: Kevaughn Dingle

Senator Giggity: ANOTHER story involving undocumented workers and President Genshaft.

Nick: Kevaughn Dingle situation.

Funniest Story/Moment

Nathan: The entire TDS staff dunking on the site that covers the middle school in Lubbock after the Birmingham Bowl after they called Quinton Flowers a “Glorified Running Back”. We did not care one bit about this game until that moment.

Steeg: Since I’m new to TDS, my stories aren’t too great, however watching the meltdown in the second half vs Houston in the pouring rain produced a picture of me wearing a yellow rain coat, looking like Georgie from it.

Jamie: ECU fans getting owned by USF over and over again.

Ryan: Genord bat flip

Vito: This may just be funny to us, but we were watching the USF v Hartford elimination game in the DeLand regional and chatting in the Slack channel. David Villar makes a tough play and throws it to Joe Genord, but it gets by him scoring the tying run in the ninth for Hartford. I’m pretty sure we all remember this play.

Collin goes off on Genord for a bad defensive play in a regional (bringing back memories from Gainesville) with Josh, Jamie, Nate and I all defending him stating the throw by Villar was difficult at best. We all start dunking on Collin that nothing is good enough for him when it comes to Genord. “Genord should’ve jumped and caught that ball 25 ft above his head.” Etc etc. Then Nate jests “*Genord hits a GW 3-R HR* It should’ve been a grand slam!” Mimicking Collin again.

Minutes later, Villar hits a 2-R single to take the lead, and Joey Bats smacks a literal 3-R HR his very next at-bat in the bottom of the 11th. The moment was absolutely hilarious.

Josh: Genord bat flip.

Carl: Harlan bolting for Utah with no advance notice after signing an “I’m not happy with everything” contract by Judy.

Senator Giggity: Mark Harlan signing an extension then immediately bolting for Utah with 0 notice.

Nick: None of us gave a single damn about the Birmingham Bowl until Viva the Matadors called Q a “glorified running back.” Said glorified running back tossing a game winning touchdown pass with 16 seconds left and us mercilessly dunking on VTM afterwards was fantastic.

Here’s Tyre McCants windmilling on Texas Tech.

Best Coaching Job

Nathan: Billy Mohl.

Steeg: Ashley Fisher, Men’s tennis. As mentioned before, the team had a horrible regular season, but Fisher coached up his team to some big upsets in the tournament and was one set away from another championship for the Men’s tennis team.

Jamie: Billy Mohl.

Ryan: Quinton Flowers.

Vito: Billy Mohl. Baseball was expected to (possibly) take a step back with Mark Kingston moving on to USCe and so many question marks in the bullpen, rotation and the field; but the first time manager delivered. Another 500 K year for the staff and huge improvements delivering the conference’s best offense.

This went from a maaaaaybe 30 win team to a darkhorse team capable of hosting, you know if they actually bid on it.

Josh: Billy Mohl.

Carl: Gotta give it to Jose. His consistent for so long with so many different players. The team might have underperformed our expectations, but Jose still got them to the NCAA.

Senator Giggity: Jose. Hands down.

Nick: Brian Gregory. The only thing we could’ve possibly asked for from men’s basketball this year was to show signs of a pulse. They did that towards the end of the year. With a pretty nice recruiting class coming in, there’s actual optimism that Gregory could have something here.