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The Bulluminati Podcast: The All That Jazz Edition

#AirBnB and the offense, opportunistic defense do it again. Bulls escape from Chicago with their seventh P5 victory in eight tries.

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NCAA Football: South Florida at Illinois Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the next installment of The Bulluminati Podcast sponsored by RP Electrical Solutions LLC (813-949-2390). This edition has Collin, Nathan, Steeg and Vito recording randomly in the early afternoon.

In this edition, the guys discuss:

-Collin’s trip to Chicago, what he did with fellow media members and friends of the blog, and his experience in the city and at the game.

-The open date in 2019 with Central Michigan pushing the game back, and the future football non-conference schedules.

-The comeback victory against the Fightin’ Illini orchestrated by some opportunistic defense and heroics by #AirBnb yet again in the fourth. They explain how penalties killed drives, special teams couldn’t convert points, and the young teams’ first road game all contributing to the slow start. Fortunately, they put it together in the fourth to come out with a victory and everyone needs to R-E-L-A-X. As Collin puts it, it’s #JBL and we’re not talkin’ about speakers.

-The cohesiveness of the veer and shoot under Barnett and how he is on pace for a ridiculous year with the plethora of receiving talent at his disposal and the defenses on the remaining schedule.

-The big ECU preview and how they are well... not great Bob! And their win against UNC is likely a red herring (see what I did there?*) ECU’s game vs Virginia Tech was canceled due to Hurricane Florence and they’ve been in Orlando prepping for the annual match-up.

-The Monday afternoon press conference and a few eyebrow raising answers pertaining to players and Dave Small’s third quarter carries.

-The Weekend Round-Up including Volleyball, Women’s Golf, Men’s Golf, and Sailing!

We also take your #AskTDS Facebook and Twitter questions and announce the winner to our weekly ticket drop giveaway (thanks Pablo Iglesias @thePabs20 for the generous gift!) Stay tuned to the Twitter (@StampedeSBN) and Facebook (The Daily Stampede - For USF Fans) for further information on the next ticket drop giveaway for all of the home games. There are only three more left after ECU!

*Their starting QB is Reid Herring, just go with it.

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