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A timeline and tweetcap of the coaching whirlwind.

NCAA Football: South Florida at Navy Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

The blog has been (un)fortunate enough to cover three coaching searches in its ten year(!!) existence and for those who have a a life aren’t plugged into social media; here’s a timeline and tweetcap of the events of the last couple of days and what the local and national media are saying.

It started with a tip on a team meeting before CBS’ Dan Wolken broke the story.

Banner Society’s Richard Johnson pointed out the timing, and his recent writings on the financial situation surrounding USF Athletics.

Almost immediately after finding out the news, rumors of who might take over surfaced.

Willie Taggart!? In this economy?

But seriously.

A couple up-and-coming Clemson OC’s may get a phone call.

Or stay in-house.

Potential candidates with Bucs ties.


If you followed us the last round of realignment.... this guy’s back! He’s not serious....we think.

Former players even stated their opinion on the opening.

With a coaching departure, there is always the chance of a current or committed player departing, too.

We’ll update this with important information as we see it; be sure to stay tuned to The Daily Stampede for up-to-the-minute information on all rumors pertaining to the coaching search.

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