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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Logogate Edition

Logogate is finally over and we can move on, but before that let’s talk about it more!

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Welcome to another episode of the Bulluminati Podcast, and we promise we’re not waiting this long between uploads on purpose. Nate’s getting married soon, Collin and Vito work a ton; but enough of the excuses, who are we USF? So strap on those headphones, this is a long one!

Collin, Nate and WIll Turner for the first time, invite public relations unicorn and Dishonorable Mention co-host (shameless plug) Dr. Karla Mastracchio to discuss the fallout from logogate and the PR ramifications of the rollout, double down, and redaction. We also talk sports!

  • 0:00: You bet we’re talking the logo. Karla analyzes the video sent out on social media and how this is a systematic issue that digs far deeper and spans several years.
  • 25:10: How the process was handled.
  • 47:33: Why a logo change to begin with?
  • 54:09: Communication issues throughout on-campus student life.
  • 1:03:00: Softball are regular season conference champs! Plus, Men’s Tennis, Men’s Golf, and Baseball.
  • 1:13:22: Charlie and the transfer factory.
  • 1:15:30: Friend of the pod Cedric presents our #AskTDS questions this podcast all the way from the #bestcoast in Seattle!

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