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Ranking Every USF Football Uniform of the Decade, Part III: The Solid

Our run through every USF uniform worn from 2010 to 2019 reaches the middle of the pack.

Miami v South Florida Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Hello and welcome to Part Three of our ranking of every USF football uniform worn over the past decade! For the uninitiated: our intrepid panel of fashion-forward reporters have individually rated each uniform, ranked the uniforms by average rating, and gathered to discuss each one. What follows is the consensus ranking, along with their deliberations and debates.

The panel consists of five people:

Robert Steeg, student equipment manager, USF, 2014.

Will Kennedy, athletic training assistant, USF, 2015-2017; equipment graduate assistant, Northwestern, 2018.

Jamie DeVriend: verified USF historian; has watched significantly more USF football than anyone else on the panel, and thus presumably has seen a lot of uniforms.

Nathan Bond, Managing Editor of The Daily Stampede, so he gets on the panel if he wants.

Ryan T. Smith, came up with the idea; generally nice guy.

After slogging through dozens of uniforms that were very bad, mediocre, or entirely unremarkable, today our panel will be discussing the uniforms that received an average rating between 5.0 and 6.5. This isn’t the cream of the crop by any means, but we’re starting to see some of USF’s more popular and inventive looks.

If you missed either of the first two parts, you can find them below:

Part One: #53 to #44 (average rating between 1.0 and 4.0)

Part Two: #43 to #35 (average rating between 4.0 and 5.0)

Average Rating: 5.1
Life Span: 2011 - 2013
USF’s Record in This Uniform: 3-1

South Florida v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Jamie: Man, put the 2010 jerseys on these and you’d really be talking.

Ryan: 1000%. These are among the better “horn” uniforms.

Will: Extremely fine. Nothing special. Better than a lot of the trash that was trotted out there.

Nate: Tops and bottoms are nice. Helmets, man.

Jamie: Nate’s adulation for the bad gold helmets ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Average Rating: 5.2
Life Span: 2010
USF’s Record in This Uniform: 1-1

South Florida v Florida Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

Ryan: OK, this made me very sad and is the only uniform I think got deeply hosed. Jamie and I, the two elder statesmen in here, both gave this an 8, but it was brought down to a 5.2.

Nate: You’re welcome.

Ryan: Some of this was the excitement at the time. I was PUMPED when we broke these out.

Nate: Practice pants, white helmet. Hard pass.

Jamie: Those are really nice and clean.

Will: Single stripe on the helmet brought it down for me. All white is clean; wish they had some sort of something on the pants.

Steeg: My first USF football game! Hottest game I had ever been to by far.

Nate: The zipper broke off my shorts at halftime of this game. I maintain that’s why we lost.

Average Rating: 5.2
Life Span: 2011 - 2014
USF’s Record in This Uniform: 0-5

South Florida v Central Florida

Ryan: I like these! They should’ve done better. It’s the stormtrooper with some pizzazz.

Will: Mike White, man. That’s all I can think about when I see these.

Nate: Back shoulder, Michael.

Will: I quite like these uniforms. I did not like the outcome of the game.

Average Rating: 5.5
Life Span: 2014
USF’s Record in This Uniform: 1-0

Connecticut at South Florida Brad Horrigan/Hartford Courant/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Ryan: This had wild ratings, ranging from a 9 to 3. It is very green.

Will: Way too much green. Like, waaaaaaaay too much.

Jamie: I was not about these.

Ryan: I think these are pretty good. Not a fan of monochromatic green, but it’s okay with me here. The helmet is great.

Nate: No names, too much green.

Steeg: Green.

Average Rating: 5.5
Life Span: 2014
USF’s Record in This Uniform: 0-1

East Carolina v South Florida

Ryan: Everyone felt pretty OK about these except Steeg.

Steeg: IDK man, pink accents ruin me.

Nate: Green on green with chrome and pink accents. Sign me up.

Jamie: The chrome golds are the second best helmets in USF history.

Steeg: These just felt weird and out of place. Like merging three eras of USF football.

Average Rating: 5.6
Life Span: 2010
USF’s Record in This Uniform: 0-1

Syracuse v South Florida Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images

Will: Mustard: bad. All green: bad.

Ryan: USF’s pre-2010 uniforms were bad and mustard gold is bad.

Jamie: This is the only instance of mustard gold that I’m OK with. The helmet isn’t as bad with all green.

Steeg: IDK why I don’t like these. Generic is a good word for it.

Nate: The Bulls on the chest is smushed. Otherwise, I really enjoy this uniform. I hate a lot of thing about the past, but I’ll never hate the uniforms.

Will: Unless they had white helmets.

Nate: Correct.

Will: As somebody who didn’t follow USF then, were these uniforms disliked at the time? Or were they just kinda “okay, whatever.”

Ryan: Very “okay, whatever.” This was also before schools started making alternate looks and stuff, so it was just like “welp, these are our jerseys.” Now it’s actively unacceptable to not look good.

Jamie: No one had any strong uniform takes because there were really just two sets and one helmet.

Will: So we’re being a little harsh on the past just in terms of the uniform landscape at the time. But some of these from 2018/19 are inexcusable.

Ryan: That’s why I give the 2010 uniforms a lot of credit. They look blander by comparison now, but they were super clean back then.

Average Rating: 5.7
Life Span: 2010
USF’s Record in This Uniform: 4-1

Meineke Car Care Bowl Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Ryan: This got very high marks from everyone besides Nate, who (shockingly!) gave it a 2.

Nate: I like the combo. The jersey is meh. But white helmets again. I also believe this is my last poorly rated uniform.

Ryan: The last of 17, but yes.

Jamie: That is a perfectly cromulent uniform and Nate is wrong.

Steeg: Pleasant amount of green.

Will: White green white is solid. One stripe down the center of the helmet isn’t my favorite. OK but not good uniform.

Average Rating: 5.8
Life Span: 2011
USF’s Record in This Uniform: 0-1

Miami v South Florida Photo by J. Meric/South Florida/Getty Images

Ryan: THE CREATURE. Steeg gave this a 10.

Steeg: I love chaos and this is the definition of chaos. Under Armour took 72 drugs and this was the result. I love it.

Jamie: I hate putting things that aren’t last names on the NOB space. Apart from that and not finding a way to get the U on the helmets somewhere, they’re fine.

Ryan: I will take a “self-aware” bad uniform over a uniform that is genuinely trying to be good, but is bad. I don’t like this by any means, and I’m afraid it’s going to come alive and possess me, but it’s entertainingly ridiculous. It all averaged out to a 5 for me.

Will: I appreciate the creativity. But God. It’s just.... so bad.

Nate: I loved this uniform. The helmet is amazing; I love the design on the shoulders. The USF on the jersey is the perfect size. For more chaos, grey pants would’ve sent me over the moon.

Ryan: Nate’s taste in uniforms is fascinating and I’m so happy we have him on this panel.

Average Rating: 6.2
Life Span: 2014
USF’s Record in This Uniform: 1-1

Maryland v South Florida Photo by G Fiume/Maryland Terrapins/Getty Images

Ryan: Everyone agrees this uniform was pretty solid. No wild differences of opinion here.

Steeg: Dope chrome dome, and the uniforms were basic enough that it didn’t take away from the helmets.

Jamie: The chrome golds were the first contemporary uniform element USF ever brought out, aside from one-off theme unis. Like, that was the first helmet I bet the players really liked.

Will: This is what I think of when I see USF. Nothing special, but a nice base to build on.

Average Rating: 6.4
Life Span: 2014
USF’s Record in This Uniform: 0-1

South Florida v Memphis Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Ryan: We’ve hit a series of chrome now. These had fairly unanimous but tepid approval, with Will being the biggest fan.

Will: I love white on green, and the chrome gold makes it look much better than any other iteration of it up til this point.

Jamie: That was the best possible look for that era of uniforms.

Will: 1000%.

Nate: I enjoy the alternating colors. A nice break up of any color provides pop.

Average Rating: 6.4
Life Span: 2018
USF’s Record in This Uniform: 3-3

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 15 USF at Illinois Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Ryan: I shockingly really enjoy this one, which is funny because I hate the home equivalent.

Jamie: The away uniforms were much better, but I still don’t like these that much.

Will: I’m a fan of this. The green numbers look 15 million times better than the gold ones.

Nate: These jerseys are very clean. The aways were so much better than the home kits. As Having the U on the shoulder be green instead would’ve made this even better. The chrome helmet fits well with the green numbers too.

Ryan: Nothing stunning, but extremely clean and pretty - it pops. Zero complaints from me. That said, this was definitely made in two minutes by accident.

Average Rating: 6.5
Life Span: 2016
USF’s Record in This Uniform: 1-0

East Carolina v South Florida Photo by Jason Behnken/Getty Images

Ryan: Pretty universally enjoyed, though no one loved it.

Will: They went with the gold facemask on gold helmet. I remember they hyped that up quite a bit. I didn’t love it. Need some sort of contrast outside of the green on the decal.

Ryan: I like this! It’s not as great as some of the other 2015/2016 looks, but if this was the worst uniform of that era, that’s pretty darn fantastic.

Jamie: For some reason this was the only time green on white really didn’t work. I think the thick gold stripe on the white pants is the problem - I wonder what a green stripe would have looked like.

Nate: Gimme black shoes or some more green and this is a flawless uniform.

Next week we’ll be moving onto the runners up - uniforms that received all-around impressive grades, but weren’t quite able to crack the top ten. Among the new appearances: our first SoFlo uniform, and what is undoubtedly the best helmet USF has ever sported. Also, Ryan asks Will for his professional opinion on why USF’s helmets look funny nowadays.