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PYU Week 5 Results Thread: Null Value

NCAA Football: Miami (Ohio) at Central Michigan Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Here’s a bet you’re guaranteed not to lose! You’re also guaranteed not to win, but let’s not get hung up on details here.

In nine seasons of running this contest, I’ve never seen this. I have never seen a game that was so even that both teams were +100 to win outright. You could have bet equal amounts on both teams, and whoever won, you’d get exactly your money back. I’ve seen games where one or both teams were greater than +100, creating an arbitrage situation, but never an absolute push. This play is so safe you could hide assets in it. I couldn’t resist cashing in!

GaryStephen Central Michigan +100.0 money line to beat Miami (OH) Miami (OH) 28-17 1.01 LOSS -1.01
GaryStephen Miami (OH) +100.0 money line to beat Central Michigan Miami (OH) 28-17 1.01 WIN 1.01

This brings up something I’ve been wanting to talk about. The old “one dollar spite bet” is literally spelled out in the official PYU rules (see rule 9.3), but it never really caught on. Part of the problem, from my perspective, is that spite bets can be hard to identify. 1-unit bets can be made for different reasons. You could also be taking a flyer on a longshot, trying to fulfill the weekly betting requirements, or you’re going for some kind of small hedge bet. For example, this play made me wonder:

bullsonparade96 Navy +15.5 points over Central Florida Navy 34-30 4.53 WIN 4.12

Were you just trying to spend your remaining bankroll, or were you trying to land on that precise winning amount?

So to make things clear, I hereby introduce: The LOL Bet.

The LOL bet is made in the amount of 1.01 units. 1.01 kind of looks like “LOL” if the L’s are lower case. A bet in this amount is meant to express spite, humor, irony, mockery of the point spread, or some other such sentiment. I hope players will adopt this convention, so we can start having spite bets again. I’ve also thought of a way to bring back the Degenerate Bet of The Week, but let’s do one thing a a time.

This week’s winners and point earners:

dsidwell31 669.90 (15 points)
speruche 529.00 (10 points)
Lrdnorman 124.70 (7 points)
jrjs 36.36 (5 points)
ULhothot 30.00 (4 points)

For the first time, fewer than eight players ended the week with a profit, so the sixth-place and lower point awards will not be given. But despite the small number of players who profited, this week’s list of big winning individual bets is a long one:

dsidwell31 Over 52.5 points in the Oklahoma-Kansas State game; Alabama -14.0 points over Mississippi; Over 53.0 points in the Central Florida-Navy game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Oklahoma 37-31; Alabama 42-21; Navy 34-30 100.00 WIN 600.00
speruche Under 68.5 points in the South Florida-Southern Methodist game; Under 80.0 points in the Mississippi-Alabama game; Under 73.5 points in the Duke-North Carolina game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Southern Methodist 41-17; Alabama 42-21; North Carolina 38-7 40.00 WIN 240.00
speruche Under 64.5 points in the Fresno State-Hawaii game; New Mexico State +26.5 points over San Jose State; Over 48.5 points in the Old Dominion-Texas-El Paso game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Hawaii 27-24; San Jose State 37-31; Texas-El Paso 28-21 40.00 WIN 240.00
ULhothot Southern Methodist -20.5 points over South Florida; Pittsburgh -3.0 points over Georgia Tech; Minnesota +2.5 points over Purdue (WIN,WIN,WIN) Southern Methodist 41-17; Pittsburgh 52-21; Minnesota 20-13 40.00 WIN 240.00
LrdNorman Navy +550.0 money line to beat Central Florida Navy 34-30 35.00 WIN 192.50
E-dogg42 Under 52.5 points in the Washington State-California game; Over 45.5 points in the Mississippi State-Texas A&M game; Under 47.5 points in the Minnesota-Purdue game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Washington State 21-6; Mississippi State 26-22; Minnesota 20-13 30.00 WIN 180.00
speruche Over 51.5 points in the Northwestern-Nebraska game; Penn State -12.0 points over Indiana; Over 51.5 points in the Connecticut-Vanderbilt game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Nebraska 56-6; Penn State 24-0; Vanderbilt 30-28 27.40 WIN 164.40
speruche Over 51.5 points in the Connecticut-Vanderbilt game; Penn State -12.0 points over Indiana; Over 51.5 points in the Northwestern-Nebraska game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Vanderbilt 30-28; Penn State 24-0; Nebraska 56-6 27.40 WIN 164.40
mcgies852 Texas -4.0 points over Texas Christian; Kansas State +10.5 points over Oklahoma; Michigan +1.0 points over Wisconsin (WIN,WIN,WIN) Texas 32-27; Oklahoma 37-31; Michigan 38-17 25.00 WIN 150.00
mcgies852 Cincinnati -2.5 points over Notre Dame; Texas -4.0 points over Texas Christian; Michigan +1.0 points over Wisconsin (WIN,WIN,WIN) Cincinnati 24-13; Texas 32-27; Michigan 38-17 25.00 WIN 150.00
undercoverbull Ohio State -15.0 points over Rutgers; Alabama -14.0 points over Mississippi (WIN,WIN) Ohio State 52-13; Alabama 42-21 50.00 WIN 130.00
Defdans Syracuse +5.5 points over Florida State Florida State 33-30 75.00 WIN 68.18
dsidwell31 Under 64.5 points in the Fresno State-Hawaii game; Over 51.5 points in the New Mexico State-San Jose State game; Over 55.5 points in the Arizona State-UCLA game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Hawaii 27-24; San Jose State 37-31; Arizona State 42-23 11.32 WIN 67.92
briank19 Iowa -3.5 points over Maryland; Over 48.0 points in the Iowa-Maryland game (WIN,WIN) Iowa 51-14; Iowa 51-14 25.00 WIN 65.00
LrdNorman Nevada +185.0 money line to beat Boise State Nevada 41-31 35.00 WIN 64.75
dsidwell31 Southern Methodist -21.0 points over South Florida Southern Methodist 41-17 63.68 WIN 57.89
speruche Navy +550.0 money line to beat Central Florida Navy 34-30 10.00 WIN 55.00

Late games had a lot of impact. By the end of the night, several players still had live parlays going, many of which came ashore in the wee hours. Bad beat stories went to bullsonparade96 (had USF to cover for 600) and E-dogg42 (had UCLA in multiple parlays that would have added to about 300).

By the way, it looks like speruche made the same bet twice, for the same amount, and won both. I have confirmed this is not a website error. He entered it twice, at two different times during the day. I guess he wanted to get more money on it. This is allowed.

Overall money standings:

speruche 2478.61
mcgies852 1552.82
Lrdnorman 1393.11
E-dogg42 1391.46
dsidwell31 1208.54
Gibbsak 1117.73
mmmmsnouts 1114.55
GaryStephen 1065.58
Andrewpina 958.18
anthonyvito 934.09
jrjs 877.82
jjlovecub 818.00
Danj725 800.53
HerdCountry941 799.77
ElliotMoore 789.47
ULhothot 776.18
bullsonparade96 772.24
Gym399 756.00
Julmisteforheisman 689.02
briank19 619.29
undercoverbull 583.76
camweed12 504.55
McIntyre2K 458.32
Defdans 199.91

speruche has taken a huge lead after last weekend’s success. dsidwell31 made a big move up the table as well. Almost everyone else lost this week, but many of the losses were small, so the overall race looks much the same as last week.

Point standings:

speruche 42 7 15 10 10
bullsonparade96 30 15 15
e-dogg42 24 3 3 3 15
LrdNorman 18 5 1 5 7
disdwell31 15 15
mcgies852 14 4 10
Ulhothot 12 1 7 4
McIntyre2K7 10 10
undercoverbull 10 10
anthonyvito 8 1 7
ElliotMoore 8 5 1 2
Gibbsak 8 1 5 2
jrjs 7 1 1 5
mmmmsnouts 7 7
danj725 5 2 3
GaryStephen 5 1 4
HerdCountry941 5 1 4
Andrewpina 4 4
camweed12 2 2
briank19 1 1
jjlovecub 1 1

Speruche has had four big weeks in a row, and takes a strong lead in the points race as well. But E-dogg42 was actually threatening to take the lead until the late games. But his UCLA parlay didn’t come in, and speruche’s late WAC and Penn State parlays did come in, so the standings are what you see now. But you can see the week-to-week winnings beginning to move up in the standings with more points.

The biggest national game in Week 6 is Penn State-Iowa. Alabama-Texas A&M, Mississippi-Arkansas, and Georgia-Auburn are also out there. USF is off this week. All other teams in the AAC play conference games: Houston-Tulane on Thursday, Temple-Cincinnati on Friday, and the rest on Saturday: SMU-Navy, Memphis-Tulsa, and ECU-Central Florida.