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PYU Week 15: Bowl Season

NCAA Football: Cotton Bowl Classic-Memphis vs Penn State Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Bowl season is here! And it snuck up on me a little, I didn’t think the games were starting until Saturday.

Rules refresher: you must wager 25%-50% of your bankroll, or 250-500 units (whichever is larger) on bowl games. You must make 5 picks instead of the usual 3, and two AAC games instead of the usual 1. Some of the text on the website isn’t right, and I intend to fix that this weekend, but the Dashboard, and bankroll page when you place bets, will be right.

There are two races this year: points and money. Let’s talk about the points race first, since it’s pretty simple:

bullsonparade96 75
dsidwell31 72

These are the only two contenders for the points race. No one else can reach 75 points for the season, even if they win the maximum 15 points this week. This race will be decided by placement in this week’s rankings. Points are awarded on a 15-10-7-5-4-3-2-1 basis for most units won this week, second-most units won this week, etc., through eighth place. Players must make a profit in a week to earn any points. Finishing ninth or below in a week, if it results in a profit of 1 unit or more, also wins 1 point.

DSidwell31 needs to make up the 3-point deficit in this week’s standings to win. It is also possible for this race to end in a tie.

Here are the top eligible contenders for the money race:

bullsonparade96 2373.21
dsidwell31 2097.92
ULhothot 1961.55
briank19 1500.79
McIntyre2K7 1150.00
GaryStephen 1046.58

BullsOnParade96’s huge win on that UL Monroe-Liberty game has shrunk to only a narrow lead over DSidwell31, and other late-season challengers. McIntyre2K7 had to win his Sudden Death bet in Week 11 to keep playing this week. But after a huge Week 14, he has charged back into fifth place, and has repaid the 500-unit Sudden Death “loan” you get to continue playing. He is fully eligible to win the cash race. Full standings, which are kept current, are at ProtectYourU.Net.

ULhothot has a futures wager of 25 units on Georgia at +650 to win the national championship. If they do it, the 187.50 units he would add could decide the race. defdans also has 75 units on this same wager, and would gain 562.50. The latter enters bowl season with a bankroll of only 276.82, so he’d have to make additional gains with that to challenge for the season money title.

The first bowl game, Toledo vs Middle Tennessee State in the Bahamas, starts now! I will make additional posts to this thread, with day-to-day updates as the races unfold. Good luck to everyone!