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The Bulluminai Podcast: The NIL Edition

USF QB Jarren WIlliams and Co-founder of College Hunks Hauling Junk Omar Soliman talk NIL deals, hot wings, and College Football.

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Nathan Bond and Robert Steeg welcome USF QB Jarren WIlliams and co-founder of College Hunks Hauling Junk Omar Soliman to the pod to talk their recent NIL deal, how NIL will impact college football, and the upcoming USF season!

  • 0:00: Jarren and Omar discuss all things NIL starting with their partnership, how quickly these deals occurred, and how this affects the sport. Jarren also discusses how USF has helped out in the process and how this impacts the players in a positive way. Omar also explains why the company decided to be early-adopters in the wild west of NIL and why he believes this will bring parody to the sport.
  • 18:18: We turn our attention to the gridiron and talk USF football!

If you haven’t already - check out Jarren Williams’ record-setting highlights from the 2019 Louisville vs. Miami game that Nate is referring to. Courtesy of the ACC Digital Network.

  • 31:15: We talk hot wings, cuban sandwiches, Champa Bay fever, and goals for this upcoming season.
  • 37:10: Final thoughts and wrap-up!

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