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PYU 2021 Season Wrap-Up

NCAA Football: ACC Championship-Pittsburgh vs Wake Forest
Pittsburgh helps hold up a championship trophy.
Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

And the final standings are:

ULhothot 2213.23
briank19 1236.64
mmmmsnouts 1210.00
dsidwell31 1144.42
bullsonparade96 1061.61
Andrewpina 985.46
GaryStephen 942.58
Gym399 930.64
mcgies852 857.30
Defdans 839.32
Gibbsak 763.30
jjlovecub 749.00
Lrdnorman 655.75
jrjs 631.21
Danj725 550.66
McIntyre2K7 521.92
ElliotMoore 428.33
speruche 298.16
undercoverbull 238.64
HerdCountry941 132.86
E-dogg42 83.73
anthonyvito 47.85
camweed12 0.00
Julmisteforheisman 0.00

ULhothot is our money winner! He kind of came out of nowhere during bowl season, but it turns out he was pretty good at futures bets:

ULhothot Pittsburgh 850.0 to win division championship 100.00 WIN 850.00
ULhothot Georgia 650.0 to win national championship 25.00 WIN 162.50
ULhothot Pittsburgh to win over 7.0 games 100.00 WIN 90.91

After an unremarkable first half of the season, parlay success in Weeks 7 and 8 turned in several parlay wins, moving him as high as 1807.63:

Under 67.5 points in the Texas Tech-Kansas game; Over 62.0 points in the Miami (FL)-North Carolina game; California +14.0 points over Oregon (WIN,WIN,WIN) Texas Tech 41-14; North Carolina 45-42; Oregon 24-17 40.00 WIN 240.00
Michigan State -3.5 points over Indiana; Minnesota +2.5 points over Nebraska; North Carolina State -2.5 points over Boston College (WIN,WIN,WIN) Michigan State 20-15; Minnesota 30-23; North Carolina State 33-7 40.00 WIN 240.00
Under 54.5 points in the Western Michigan-Toledo game; Toledo +2.0 points over Western Michigan; Over 60.5 points in the Massachusetts-Florida State game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Toledo 34-15; Toledo 34-15; Florida State 59-3 30.00 WIN 180.00
Over 58.0 points in the Texas-San Antonio-Louisiana Tech game; Texas-San Antonio -6.0 points over Louisiana Tech; Mississippi -10.5 points over Louisiana State (WIN,WIN,WIN) Texas-San Antonio 45-16; Texas-San Antonio 45-16; Mississippi 31-17 20.00 WIN 120.00
Florida International +17.0 points over Western Kentucky; Under 75.5 points in the Western Kentucky-Florida International game; Under 41.5 points in the San Diego State-Air Force game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Western Kentucky 34-19; Western Kentucky 34-19; San Diego State 20-14 20.00 WIN 120.00
Under 58.5 points in the Southern California-Notre Dame game; Notre Dame -6.5 points over Southern California; Wisconsin -2.5 points over Purdue (WIN,WIN,WIN) Notre Dame 31-16; Notre Dame 31-16; Wisconsin 30-13 10.00 WIN 60.00

The rest of the regular season returned to average, but ULhothot was the only player not to lose money in bowl season, gaining 64.18. Combined with the 1078.41 he won on futures bets, miles ahead of almost everyone else (more on that later), this was enough to keep him in first place.

This is not the first time a supporter of a school other than USF has won the PYU contest. “zls22”, a UConn supporter (remember them?) won it in 2013.

2021 was the first season of the points race, in which we awarded 15 points to whoever gained the most units during each week, followed by 10 for second most, and then 7-5-4-3-2 for the next five finishers each week, and then 1 point for anyone else who made a profit. The winner of the points race would be a co-champion, and receive the same rewards and glory as the money winner (i.e., not much). Our points race standings are:

bullsonparade96 75
dsidwell31 72
speruche 57
briank19 56
Ulhothot 54
ElliotMoore 36
e-dogg42 34
GaryStephen 29
McIntyre2K7 28
danj725 19
LrdNorman 18
mcgies852 16
anthonyvito 16
jrjs 16
HerdCountry941 13
undercoverbull 10
Gibbsak 8
mmmmsnouts 7
Andrewpina 4
Gym399 4
Julmisteforheisman 2
camweed12 2
jjlovecub 1

BullsOnParade96’s “go big or go home” approach with parlays, combined with a one huge money line win on the Louisiana Monroe-Liberty game, gave him a huge lead for most of the season. It also gave him the maximum 15 points for 5 of the first 11 weeks, which built him enough of a lead to hold onto the points race championship over dsidwell31.

dsidwell31 was in the running for both titles until the season last’s game. A 900.00 parlay win in the season’s next-to-last week, combined with BullsOnParade96’s money lead evaporating in bowl season, give him a chance to win. But he missed the Orange Bowl over by half a point:

Alabama -13.0 points over Cincinnati; Georgia -7.5 points over Michigan; Over 45.5 points in the Georgia-Michigan game (WIN,WIN,LOSS) 100.00

Technically, the Orange Bowl wasn’t that close, with Michigan needing a cheap late touchdown and a two-point conversion to get the total within half a point. But this was still a brutal beat for a player who was finally poised to leap into first place. Despite that, he still had a shot at winning at least one race if Alabama won the national title game, but that didn’t materialize. He and BrianK19 were our two closest overall challengers this year.

Other items of note:

  • BullsOnParade96 won 4211.50 on Louisiana-Monroe +8423.0 money line to beat Liberty. This is by far the largest single bet win in PYU history.
  • The biggest parlay win was 1500.00 by McIntyre2K7. This was also only the second time in PYU history that someone needed to use the “sudden death loan”, and later repaid it. He was eligible to win and was in the running during bowl season, but ended up at 521.92.
  • USF’s futures bet to win more than 2.5 games never materialized. 9 different players had made this bet.
  • We had a futures bet on who would win the 2021 Marble League! E-dogg42 was the only one who picked Mellow Yellow to win.
  • COVID didn’t have much of an impact on the season, beyond a few cancelled bowl games.
  • Player defdans was down to 220.00 after Week 7, and made no bets after that. But he hit all of his futures bets (ignoring one that was voided), and won so much on them that he finished in the middle of the pack with a respectable 839.32.

That’s everything I can think of to write, so goodbye and thank you for playing in 2021! The traditional prizes will be awarded to both winners, and I will reach out to you privately for that. We’ll see you all again next year, in some form.