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PYU Week 3 Results: Walking In Memphis

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Memphis
Mississippi State vs Memphis.
Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

Special teams disasters are always fun, so let’s start with a couple of those:

Mississippi State’s punt coverage kept the ball out of the end zone, but failed to down it completely, so Memphis’ Calvin Austin riskily picked it up and ran with it. Always play to the whistle, kids.

The second highlight is a defensive safety on a returned PAT attempt. But the timing was especially painful for Nebraska, who was giving heavily favored Oklahoma a close game, and was about to cut it to 14-10 going into the fourth quarter. This play increased the deficit from 4 to 7, and Oklahoma scored on its next possession, taking the field goal out of play for the rest of the game. Nebraska still covered easily, though. By the way, why doesn’t the NFL have this rule? They’re always trying to make PATs more interesting, so why not add this?

One more highlight:

Oh, Skip Holtz, you do continue to entertain us. But sadly, nobody in PYU benefitted from that play. LrdNorman had SMU, but was giving -10.5 points, wrecking a 3-way parlay. And GibbsAK had the over, which had already come in. The spite bet against Louisiana Tech, once a staple of weekly PYU plays, has gone by the wayside. But we still do have this one:

undercoverbull Louisville +220.0 money line to beat Central Florida Louisville 42-35 12.64 WIN 27.81

Oh, that never gets old. Not even if we lose to them 65-11 this year. And that Louisville game had its own crazy ending, which I’m sure you’ve seen the highlight of by now. This was a fun weekend for college football, even if it was devoid of any major plot twists.

This week’s results were all about big parlay wins in the evening:

Danj725 Cincinnati -3.0 points over Indiana; Over 51.0 points in the Cincinnati-Indiana game (WIN,WIN) Cincinnati 38-24; Cincinnati 38-24 25.00 WIN 65.00
E-dogg42 Under 57.5 points in the Alabama-Birmingham-North Texas game; Under 64.0 points in the Charlotte-Georgia State game; Under 62.0 points in the Southern California-Washington State game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Alabama-Birmingham 40-6; Georgia State 20-9; Southern California 45-14 50.00 WIN 300.00
mcgies852 Cincinnati -3.0 points over Indiana; Brigham Young +2.5 points over Arizona State (WIN,WIN) Cincinnati 38-24; Brigham Young 27-17 50.00 WIN 130.00
mcgies852 Brigham Young +2.5 points over Arizona State; Minnesota +1.0 points over Colorado; Cincinnati -3.0 points over Indiana (WIN,WIN,WIN) Brigham Young 27-17; Minnesota 30-0; Cincinnati 38-24 50.00 WIN 300.00
speruche Over 47.5 points in the South Carolina-Georgia game; Over 44.5 points in the Utah-San Diego State game; Over 48.5 points in the Stanford-Vanderbilt game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Georgia 40-13; San Diego State 33-31; Stanford 41-23 43.00 WIN 258.00
speruche Over 49.5 points in the Northwestern-Duke game; Over 49.5 points in the Baylor-Kansas game; Over 48.0 points in the Nevada-Kansas State game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Duke 30-23; Baylor 45-7; Kansas State 38-17 43.00 WIN 258.00
speruche Over 47.5 points in the South Carolina-Georgia game; South Carolina +32.0 points over Georgia; Old Dominion +28.0 points over Liberty (WIN,WIN,PUSH) Georgia 40-13; Georgia 40-13; Liberty 45-17 43.00 WIN 111.80
speruche Florida A&M +21.5 points over South Florida; Over 49.0 points in the Florida A&M-South Florida game (WIN,WIN) South Florida 38-17; South Florida 38-17 26.00 WIN 67.60
ULhothot Fresno State +10.0 points over UCLA; Texas A&M -27.5 points over New Mexico; Over 54.5 points in the Michigan State-Miami (FL) game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Fresno State 40-37; Texas A&M 34-0; Michigan State 38-17 40.00 WIN 240.00

In particular, the Fresno State-UCLA and BYU-Arizona State games made winners out several different players. speruche had four come in at once, for a windfall of 695.20. He won big on Georgia-South Carolina, and of all games, FAMU-USF. He got an extra half-point on FAMU, and a late touchdown by USF pushed the score to the over. mcgies852 won 430 all at once. ULhothot won by half a point in the Michigan State-Miami game.

There were also a lot of money line upsets this week:

Danj725 Louisville +250.0 money line to beat Central Florida Louisville 42-35 10.00 WIN 25.00
ElliotMoore Louisville +250.0 money line to beat Central Florida Louisville 42-35 40.00 WIN 100.00
LrdNorman Brigham Young +160.0 money line to beat Arizona State Brigham Young 27-17 50.00 WIN 80.00
mcgies852 Brigham Young +115.0 money line to beat Arizona State Brigham Young 27-17 25.00 WIN 28.75
ULhothot Utah State +260.0 money line to beat Air Force Utah State 49-45 20.00 WIN 52.00
undercoverbull Louisville +220.0 money line to beat Central Florida Louisville 42-35 12.64 WIN 27.81

Everyone won on Louisville, except the one Louisville fan. We really are a bunch of haters.

Noticeably absent from that list is BullsOnParade96, who won huge the first two weeks, but had an off week in Week 3. He had USF -22.5 against FAMU, which didn’t quite come in. The standings in the money race:

speruche 1724.15
mcgies852 1640.89
bullsonparade96 1357.50
E-dogg42 1227.04
Lrdnorman 1172.96
ElliotMoore 1162.43
GaryStephen 1120.86
mmmmsnouts 1114.55
Gibbsak 1074.55
jrjs 985.09
McIntyre2K7 958.32
Andrewpina 958.18
jjlovecub 928.00
Gym399 927.27
Danj725 925.08
anthonyvito 879.54
camweed12 874.55
Julmisteforheisman 839.51
ULhothot 786.18
undercoverbull 780.99
HerdCountry941 762.35
dsidwell31 738.64
briank19 615.65
Defdans 306.73

This week’s two big winners jump into first and second place. BullsOnParade96 isn’t that far behind, though, especially since he’s got 250 units tied up in futures bets. Actually, if you account for that, mcgies852 is actually in the lead; he speruche has no futures bets, and therefore no chance for a late-season windfall. There is no possiblity for a late-season loss, because the way I do the standings deducts the money bet on futures now. So if you lose that money, it won’t be deducted from you a second time. The standings page has totals that account for it both ways.

And the standings in the point race are:

speruche 559.15 15
mcgies852 552.39 10
ULhothot 102 7
Gibbsak 90 5
GaryStephen 66.5 4
E-dogg42 57.65 3
ElliotMoore 52.73 2
jrjs 47.27 1
Lrdnorman 25.46 1
anthonyvito 20.45 1
bullsonparade96 30 15 15
speruche 22 7 15
mcgies852 14 4 10
McIntyre2K7 10 10
undercoverbull 10 10
e-dogg42 9 3 3 3
ElliotMoore 8 5 1 2
Ulhothot 8 1 7
mmmmsnouts 7 7
Gibbsak 6 1 5
LrdNorman 6 5 1
GaryStephen 5 1 4
Andrewpina 4 4
camweed12 2 2
danj725 2 2
jrjs 2 1 1
anthonyvito 1 1
HerdCountry941 1 1
jjlovecub 1 1

Both speruche and mcgies had huge point totals this week, but first place was decided by barely 7 units. That’s a 5-point difference in the point standings, which could be huge. E-Dogg42 and ElliotMoore are the only players to score in all three weeks, and you can see them starting to move up the table. Anthonyvito gets on the board with 1 point.

Week 4 includes Notre Dame-Wisconsin and Texas A&M-Arkansas. In the AAC, USF’s challenging schedule continues with a trip to BYU. SMU plays its annual rivalry game with TCU. Navy-Houston is a conference game. UAB-Tulane and UTSA-Memphis could be conference games in the near future. Arkansas State-Tulsa probably won’t. Temple (Wagner) and East Carolina (Charleston Southern) host FCS teams, who have won 12 such games so far this year. The two other current AAC teams are off this week.