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The Bulluminati Podcast: The Pre-Pre Planning Edition

Go Bulls, Go Bolts, Go Rays, STEEG5.

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Morgan Tencza / The Daily Stampede

The Bullumnati Podcast is back after a long hiatus with a jam packed show that rounds-up the spring sports and discusses an important Board of Trustees Meeting discussing the On-Campus Stadium. We also touch on recruiting and a special guest joins the pod!

Watch the full live stream

  • 2:29: We talk spring sports - Baseball, Men’s Golf, Track and Field, Softball. We are a Georgina Corrick stan account.
  • 20:40: We discuss everything OCS. What did we learn at the Board of Trustees meeting?
  • 37:22: Steeg drops some recruiting updates.
  • 54:15: A special guest joins the pod! We talk stadiums, helmets, and more with Senator Giggity.

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