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2022 USF Football Predictions- The Daily Stampede Group

For over a decade, the brightest minds, the sharpest talk. What does our panel expect for USF Football this season?

The Daily Stampede Group

From Tampa... The Daily Stampede Group. An unrehearsed program featuring inside opinions and analysis on major issues of the day. Here’s the moderator, John McLaughlin.

John McLaughlin

ISSUE NUMBER ONE!!! Jeff Scott named Baylor transfer Gerry Bohanon as USF’s starting quarterback, and Timmy McClain transferred to C. Florida. Can Gerry hang on to the job all season FREDDIE THE BEETLE BARNES!!!!!

Steeg: Well, he needs to be! Barring any injuries, he should be the starter every week going forward unless the opening game against BYU is a pitiful performance then we should probably throw our talented freshmen Byrum Brown or perhaps a Tre Marsh to light a spark. (Please God do not let this happen)

Vito: Barring any injuries Gerry is your QB1 all season. He was the clear front runner in camp, has the most experience, and there’s no indication that he’s not the guy this staff is behind.

Seth: Bohanon will start every game that he is healthy and able to go.

Nick: Yes. Barring injury, Gerry is the guy for the long haul (knocks on wood).

Nathan: I think Timmy McClain transferring out makes it a near certainty that Bohanon will start every game barring injuries.

ISSUE NUMBER TWO!!!! The defensive line!! It’s been a real liability the last few years, and especially in 2021. Will we see any improvement up front this year MONICA CROWLEY!!!!!

Steeg: Well, they need to be! You completely re-tooled the defensive line from Glenn Spencer’s unit last year that predictably rushed three every single down, allowing opposing offenses to have their way with USF’s defense. Now you bring in a bevy of D1 talent and a defensive coordinator who is supposed to be aggressive with his blitzes, which should help the D-line get to the QB more often.

Vito: Nowhere to go, but up! They hit the portal hard here. Couple that with a new DC and defensive philosophy and indications are good for an improvement.

Seth: With young players like Tramel Logan physically maturing and the influx of talent, you have to believe that the defensive line will be better. We’ll get a pretty good indication at how much progress they made during the BYU game.

Nick: I expect the line to be moderately better. Hell, a “bad” line that actually gets a few sacks and TFLs every once in a while will be an improvement. It’s a low bar that they should clear (knocks on wood).

Nathan: Honestly, if it isn’t then there’s a real problem. It’s virtually a new group of guys. They can’t all be bad, right?

NEXT ISSUE!!!!! One area where USF is well stocked is wide receiver. Which receiver will lead the team in catches and yards this year, and can anyone be the first in school history to hit 1000 yards MICHAEL BARONE!!!!!!

Steeg: There’s a lot of talent to go around this wide receiver room, they’re probably two or three deep at receiver at times. But one guy was named to the Biletnikoff Award and so Xavier Weaver will still be the X-factor leading the team in catches and yards (999 yards to be exact)

Vito: Receiver?! I hardly know her! Man with so many options Ajou Ajou feels primed for this spot.

Seth: You can’t go against the favorite Xavier Weaver here after what he showed last season...But I’m going to against Weaver and pick Jimmy Horn. I have been buying up all the Jimmy Horn stock I can and believe he will flourish in the new offense. Nobody else on the roster can match his explosiveness.

Nick: This is a tough question considering that this receiver room is loaded. I’ll go with Xavier Weaver and predict he gets 1st or 2nd team All-AAC honors this year (knocks on wood).

Nathan: Xavier Weaver. I’ve really enjoyed him turning into a deep threat, and jump ball stalwart. I think he has another big season. If he just has another 700 yard season, he’ll jump into the top five all-time in receiving yards in a career for USF.

Pat Buchanan: John, are these the same questions from last year? Beca-


ISSUE NUMBER FOUR!!!! There is really nowhere to go but up for USF football… but what would you consider improvement this season ELEANOR CLIFT!!!!

Steeg: Keep the games competitive, you’ve got a daunting schedule so giving BYU, Florida, Louisville as much as they can handle would be nice. Don’t get boat-raced, don’t spot your opponent 3+ scores before you finally are on the board. But more importantly, get more passing touchdowns this year and don’t be dead last in sacks this year.

Vito: Not putting up a bagel vs an FBS opener is a start! Consistency across the board and not looking completely outplayed in some facets of the game.

Seth: Double digit passing touchdowns would be cool. I’d love to see some more week to week consistency. There have been too many times the last few seasons where USF will play well one week and then go out and lay an egg the following week. Hopefully a veteran QB can help in this area.

Nick: With this schedule, five wins with positive momentum would be an extreme step up over the last three years. Bowl eligibility would be tough, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility (knocks on wood).

Nathan: Throw double digit touchdowns. Win two FBS games. Jeff Scott be better at in-game management. 15 sacks on defense. Show a pulse in the second half against better teams.

ISSUE NUMBER FIVE!!!! USF has a daunting schedule, especially out of conference… but which game might be ripe for the Bulls to pull an upset JACK GERMOND!!!!!

Steeg: Depending on how the season goes, I’m looking at the War on I-4 as upset potential. There’s a lot riding on what could be the last iteration of this football game for quite a while. The Bulls were three yards away from pulling off a major upset last year with a less talented team. I think you throw out the record books this game every single year because it’s a dog fight.

Vito: Depends on your definition of an upset at this point because there’s no doubt in my mind they’ll beat a team they’re a dog to. I’ll go ahead and say SMU. They should have an identity and (hopefully) a recipe for success by mid-November when the Ponies come to town.

Seth: Game one has some upset potential with all the uncertainty surrounding the Bulls and the injury concerns at BYU. I think USF has the chance to pull off a few “upsets” based on preseason projections. Would beating ECU, Tulsa, and Tulane be considered upsets? They might be in Vegas, but maybe not in the mind of USF fans.

Nick: I’m eyeing that Louisville game as a potential jumping off point for this team. I’m not as high on Louisville as others and stealing a road game there could provide the positive momentum needed heading into conference play (knocks on wood).

Nathan: Tulane. Maybe? The Green Wave sonned the Bulls in 2021. Prove you’re better than that. (Also maaaaaaybe at Louisville depending on how the defense show up the first few weeks)

PREDICTIONS!!!! What will be USF’s record in 2021 CLARENCE PAGE!!!!!

Steeg: I want a bowl game, plain and simple. This schedule makes it damn near impossible to find a sixth win that I can absolutely say will happen. USF will need to spring at least two upsets this year for the first time under Jeff Scott, and I think it happens. 6-6

Vito: I will not drink the Kool-Aid. I will not drink the Kool-Aid. I will not drink the Kool-Aid (6-6). I will not drink the Kool-Aid.

Seth: The over/under is at 4.5. I think they hover right around that number. Being a positive guy, I’ll go with 5-7. Howard & Temple are locks in my mind. I don’t think its outrageous to think that this team could also beat ECU, Tulane, & Tulsa. Hit all those and steal a game somewhere else and now you’re going bowling.

Nick: I wanted to abstain from making an official prediction this season because I’ve been okie doke’d one too many times and know better at this point. Ahh, screw it. 5-7/6-6 range for this team (knocks on wood).

Nathan: The Bulls HAVE to win at least four games in 2022. Anything less, and that seat under Scott’s bum getting toasty. Five wins is semi-realistic if you squint your eyes and tilt your head just so. Six wins is a pipedream.