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USF Football Gets Embarrassed A lot to A Little At Louisville

Congrats to everyone involved!

USF v Louisville Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Well, congratulations USF football! You’ve done it yet again. You gave fans hope only to promptly rip it away and then poop all over yourself. This is the bed you made. I hope you feel good about yourselves.

Right now, I’m writing this recap with an entire quarter to go, so it seems like I’m throwing in the towel early, but not nearly as early as the Bulls did today. Injuries at wide receiver aside, this was the exact opposite game plan, execution, motivation, and everything in between from last week.

How on earth do you expect USF fans to continue to believe Jeff Scott is the right man for the job when this happens. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. THERE’S. A. SLIVER. OF HOPE. USF has trailed by two or more scores after the first quarter in 11 of Scott’s 22 FBS games. How do you keep coming out flat? It’s coaching.

Malik Cunningham IS Louisville’s offense, and yet Bob Shoop and his defense decided he wasn’t nearly important enough. Three untouched touchdown runs from Cunningham was the nail in the coffin of this game. We can’t wait for Shoop to be indignant on Wednesday when asked about today’s game because “we’re four days into prep for ECU”. Well, pal, you’ve sucked butt at prep all season, so maybe try something different.

The imagination from Travis Trickett from last week was gone. Regardless of injury, the run game was atrocious. Not a single inventive thing all day. QB Gerry Bohanon has seemingly regressed while at USF. Or maybe he wasn’t good in the first place.

Well, it’s another wasted week for USF fans. At least it happened early enough in the day that we can go about our lives until next week.