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Protect Your Unit Week 1 Results: Never Take The Points Against William & Mary

William & Mary v Virginia Photo by Ryan M. Kelly/Getty Images

(DISCLAIMER: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No actual money is being wagered.)

The big story is that everything on the website should be back to normal by the time you read this. All reports should now be working, and with improved functionality. The front page of the website lists all the updates.

There were only a couple minor glitches in Week 1. The website allowed some of you to bet over your 250-unit limit. There were only three such players, in amounts ranging from 5 to 38, so I decided just to let it ride. No one seems to have gained any undue advantage from this.

There were some sketchy lines until I rebuilt my rebuilt line-making tool. It turns out the dubious lines all lost anyway, except for North Texas over UTEP which won by enough to cover the actual spread. Charlotte -7 was mis-reported as Charlotte +7. One person jumped on that flawed offering. Hilariously, it lost anyway. William & Mary, a 7-point underdog, beat future AAC team Charlotte 41-24. And it was part of a parlay whose other component lost as well. You see why I don’t sweat these things sometimes.

Here’s the weekly list of wins that were parlays or for more than 50 units (the traditional threshhold for getting a mention):

Danj725 Michigan State -19.5 points over Western Michigan; Appalachian State +2.5 points over North Carolina; Coastal Carolina -2.5 points over Army (WIN,WIN,WIN) Michigan State 35-13; North Carolina 63-61; Coastal Carolina 38-28 50.00 WIN 300.00
bullsonparade96 Under 55.5 points in the North Texas-Texas-El Paso game; North Texas pick 'em points over Texas-El Paso (WIN,WIN) North Texas 31-13; North Texas 31-13 100.00 WIN 260.00
ElliotMoore Under 70.5 points in the Southern Methodist-North Texas game; Over 48.5 points in the Clemson-Georgia Tech game (WIN,WIN) Southern Methodist 48-10; Clemson 41-10 50.00 WIN 130.00
E-dogg42 Over 52.0 points in the Utah-Florida game; Over 50.5 points in the Liberty-Southern Mississippi game; Over 48.5 points in the Florida Atlantic-Ohio game (WIN,WIN,WIN) Florida 29-26; Liberty 29-27; Ohio 41-38 21.00 WIN 126.00
GaryStephen Northwestern +450.0 money line to beat Nebraska Northwestern 31-28 20.00 WIN 90.00
ULhothot Michigan State -19.5 points over Western Michigan; UCLA -23.5 points over Bowling Green State; Texas-El Paso +32.0 points over Oklahoma (WIN,WIN,PUSH) Michigan State 35-13; UCLA 45-17; Oklahoma 45-13 30.00 WIN 78.00
McIntyre2K7 Clemson -23.0 points over Georgia Tech; Over 51.0 points in the Clemson-Georgia Tech game (WIN,PUSH) Clemson 41-10; Clemson 41-10 75.00 WIN 75.00
ULhothot UCLA -23.5 points over Bowling Green State (-102) UCLA 45-17 55.00 WIN 53.92
ULhothot Michigan State -19.5 points over Western Michigan Michigan State 35-13 55.00 WIN 50.00

The big win was Dan’s three-way play that included a backdoor cover by Appalachian State in their wild game against North Carolina. You can see one of ULhothot’s wins was using the new and improved Gambletron 3000. And you can see the value of it, winning 53.92 instead of the usual 50 on a 55-unit bet. The new Gambletron offerings had some other takers as well:

briank19 Appalachian State +2.5 points over North Carolina (-102) North Carolina 63-61 50.00 WIN 49.02
LrdNorman Buffalo +24.0 points over Maryland (-102) Maryland 31-10 15.00 WIN 14.71

Three different games, three different winners. Going forward, there will be about 3 games available at a time for this -102 play. These can be any game not involving USF/UCF/Florida/FSU, and will change about once a day. You can bet over, under, or either team against the spread. (Money line bets have no premium.) It also counts as an AAC bet if applicable.

We also say two parlay wins that were weakened by pushes. (There were a lot of pushes in Week 1; Cincinnati +7 versus Arkansas was popular.) When this happens, the parlay is removed and the parlay is evaluated as a 2-bet parlay or single bet. McIntyre2K7 had a win and a push, so he wins at 1 to 1. Which is also something of a bad beat at the same time.

The window is closed for Futures bets! Let’s see who everybody took:

Andrewpina Over 6.0 West Virginia wins 50.00
Andrewpina Over 9.0 Appalachian State wins 50.00
Andrewpina Under 9.5 Boise State wins 50.00
Andrewpina Under 3.5 Hawaii wins 50.00
Andrewpina Over 3.0 Vanderbilt wins 50.00
anthonyvito Over 4.5 South Florida wins 200.00
briank19 Over 7.0 Texas Christian wins 100.00
briank19 Over 7.0 Utah State wins 50.00
BullsOnParade96 Over 4.5 South Florida wins 250.00
defdans Over 7.0 Texas Christian wins 50.00
defdans Under 8.5 Utah State wins 50.00
defdans Ohio State 350.0 to win national championship 40.00
defdans Over 6.5 Auburn wins 25.00
defdans Under 8.0 Mississippi wins 25.00
dsidwell31 Under 3.5 Hawaii wins 50.00
dsidwell31 Under 8.0 Tennessee wins 50.00
JulmisteForHeisman Over 4.5 South Florida wins 24.00
LrdNorman Georgia 425.0 to win national championship 50.00
LrdNorman Toledo 400.0 to win conference championship 40.00
LrdNorman Over 5.0 Syracuse wins 40.00
LrdNorman Over 4.5 South Florida wins 40.00
LrdNorman Over 6.5 Florida State wins 40.00
LrdNorman South Florida 6600.0 to win conference championship 10.00
McIntyre2K7 Under 4.5 South Florida wins 30.00
McIntyre2K7 Over 3.0 Kansas wins 30.00
ULHotHot Oklahoma State 700.0 to win conference championship 50.00
ULHotHot Under 7.5 Virginia wins 50.00
ULHotHot Under 6.5 Auburn wins 50.00
ULHotHot Under 8.0 Michigan State wins 30.00
ULHotHot North Texas 2000.0 to win conference championship 30.00
ULHotHot Texas Christian 1800.0 to win conference championship 30.00
ULHotHot Oklahoma State 10000.0 to win national championship 10.00

Ten different players made a total of 32 futures bets. Any money you wagered on futures will remain out of your bankroll until the futures bet is resolved, which in most cases will be at the season’s end. So some players have lower grand totals because they made some futures bets.

For the second year, we will have a points race. The player with the most fake money at the end of the season will be crowned the winner as always; in addition, there will be a points race, where you get points for making a profit each week. This was intended to make different betting strategies more viable, and to involve more people in the championship race. This proved successful last year, so it is back.

Whoever wins the most units each week gets 15 points, then 10, then 7-5-4-3-2-1 down to eighth place. You must have a net gain during a week to earn any points; if not enough players do, not all 8 places will be awarded. If more than 8 players earn points in a week, all past 9th place will also get 1 point.

Here is a current standings table that consolidates everything:

user Current_Grand_Total Amount_Bet_On_Futures Week_1_Won_Lost Points
Danj725 1470.91 0 470.91 15
GaryStephen 1064.27 0.00 64.27 4
Squirbs 1019.89 0.00 19.89 2
Gym399 992.73 0.00 -7.27 0
jjlovecub 976.00 0.00 -24.00 0
McIntyre2K7 970.00 -60.00 30.00 3
ElliotMoore 965.00 0.00 -35.00 0
Gibbsak 950.00 0.00 -50.00 0
briank19 937.67 -150.00 87.67 5
E-dogg42 916.27 0.00 -83.73 0
Julmisteforheisman 884.05 -24.00 -91.95 0
ULhothot 876.92 -250.00 126.92 10
mcgies852 875.00 0.00 -125.00 0
bullsonparade96 860.00 -250.00 110.00 7
dsidwell31 827.73 -100.00 -72.27 0
anthonyvito 810.91 -200.00 10.91 1
jrjs 795.00 0.00 -205.00 0
Defdans 755.46 -190 -54.54 0
speruche 750.00 0.00 -250.00 0
andrewpina 740.91 -250.00 -9.09 0
lrdnorman 574.71 -220.00 -205.29 0

Eight players won more than they lost in the first week, and were awarded points in the points race. Only three players are at more than 1,000 though, because many of them also made futures. Danj725 is fastest out of the gate, at 1470.91 despite having bet 190 on futures. (NOTE: I initially had some of defdans’ futures picks mis-entered as danj725, which also deducted the bet cost from danj725’s grand total instead of defdans. This is all now correct.)

Week 2 is now underway! There are two Friday night games, and the usual slate of Saturday games. Lines will be updated daily. Some games won’t have lines yet, or be missing some lines. This is typical early in the week, especially for non-marquee games. GLHF.