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FSU-USF Weekend Bull-ogosphere Wrap-up

Who's saying what about the South Florida loss to Florida State

Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Hey, I'm recovering from a Bucs-game-induced hangover; how did the Ryder Cup go?

Don't take solace from the USF defeat | Tampa Bay Times

Gary Shelton asks a pivotal question: How much better is this program today because of that big win in Tallahassee?"

USF looking to clean up its act |

Mistakes were, as usual, the heart of the issue in this Bulls loss. On another note, Coach Holtz said he couldn't communicate with offensive coordinator Todd Fitch in the box on the Matt Floyd fumble play. Fitch called a roll-out without knowing that B.J. Daniels was not on the field.

Should FSU be completely happy with the win? | Tomahawk Nation

Oh, if only we could criticize our victories over in-state rivals. (Grumble grumble)

USF offensive line recruit Denver Kirkland attends USF-FSU game | ESPN Insider

Kirkland, a four-star recruit from Miami-Booker T. Washington, takes in the game with another recruit. He's the Rivals #9 offensive tackle, at 6'5" 335 lbs, and is being recruited by both USF and FSU.

FSU and USF fans fill Raymond James Stadium | Fox News Tampa

This story is posted merely to ridicule how poorly written and devoid of content it is. Run-on sentence? Check! Misspelled tab title? Check! Attendence not listed, in a story about filling a stadium? Check! Man, people get paid for this?