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Big East Home/Away Games Announced. Good For Ticket Sales, Crappy For Travel

The only people happy about this should be the season ticket sales staff, as we get Cinci and Louisville in Ray Jay.

Jim McIsaac

The Big East (1979-Soon) has released the home and away teams for the 2013 football season. It's actually not a disaster for USF, but it does suck for the band of merry folks that enjoy traveling across this great country with their Bulls. We were really hoping for an awesome road trip game either at San Diego State or Boise State before the league dissolves or goes full tire fire. San Diego because it's America's Finest City, or Boise because SMURF TURF WOOO and apparently it's really pretty up there too... but that won't happen in 2013.

Home games (first thoughts in parentheses)

Cincinnati (good to get them at home, tough team, and should sell some tickets)

Louisville (great to get the defending champs at home)

Memphis (would ALWAYS rather play in Memphis since they're terrible.. no Beale Street, Tunica, or awesome BBQ)

SMU (Jamie lives in Dallas and of course wanted a home game... he gets screwed)

Road games:


UConn: (Worst. Roadtrip. Ever. Even Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun can't save this one)

Houston: (good BBQ, crappy city)

Rutgers: (NYC!! And then we have to go to a game there which is... awful)

The dates of course matter here too... but you just KNOW that Rutgers game on the road will be on a Thursday night. Go ahead and mentally pencil that in for a loss now, it'll make it easier on your soul later.

The balance of the schedule will be McNeese St as the FCS opener on Aug. 31st, at Michigan State on Sept. 7th (fun!), vs. FAU on Sept. 14th (yuck), and vs. Miami on Nov. 30th (the last one in the series for a while most likely).

It could be a lot better, but it could be a lot worse too.

Pro tip: We suggest buying your kevlar during the offseason to get ready for Oviedo... there should be a run on it at the Army-Navy Surplus Store the weekend before the game.