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USF's Lost Athletic Week

I'll do a proper Bull-ogosphere post in the next day or two, but Ken mentioned in the schedule for this week that the Bulls collectively had a bad run on the courts and diamonds during the last few days. How bad? This bad.


  • Men's basketball lost to Georgetown 61-55 on Saturday, after losing to Pittsburgh 67-55 on Wednesday. (Fun fact: The Bulls have scored exactly 55 points in each of their last three games, and haven't cracked 60 since the game in Providence on February 2.) The team is now 8-20 on the year, 2-13 in Big East play, and well on its way to breaking the school record for losses in a season.
  • Women's basketball lost to Louisville 66-55 on Saturday, after losing 80-60 to St. John's on Wednesday. The women's team is now 10-17 and 1-12 in conference play.
  • Baseball opened its season by getting swept in Gainesville by an admittedly fantastic Florida team over the weekend, scoring a grand total of three runs. Again, USF does not beat Florida in anything. Anything. (One positive development - Chuck Hernandez has USF's starters on a pitch count to start the season, unlike last year when they were throwing 100+ pitches right out of the chute.)
  • After going 4-1 in their first weekend tournament, the softball team only won one game out of five in the weekend USF Tournament in Clearwater, losing to Fordham, UAB, Indiana, and DePaul (at least that's not considered a conference game). Their only win was against Ole Miss.
  • Women's tennis lost 5-2 to Virginia Commonwealth on Saturday. They've won only one match so far this season, although to their credit, they've challenged themselves the whole way.
  • Men's tennis won! 7-0 over South Alabama! IN YOUR FACE JAGUARS, IN YOUR FACE!


So that's a grand total of 2-12 for USF athletics in games and dual matches over the past week. All those new facilities open... how soon again?