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Obama Discusses USF Volleyball, And Your Patriotic Duty

President Obama, or "Barry" to his usual foursome, encourages you to do your patriotic duty on April 22nd.
President Obama, or "Barry" to his usual foursome, encourages you to do your patriotic duty on April 22nd.

From the desk of the President of the United States:

My fellow citizens,

We are living in the most challenging economic climate in several generations. The financial institutions that surround us have shown their fault lines. The homes we once purchased, assured of their eventual profitability, are just as beautiful, but not as valuable. And we deal with the challenges of a nation at a crossroads between the need for capitalist innovation, and the all-consuming greed that often inspires that innovation. 

But we will rise above these challenges, and continue to shine our light as a beacon of freedom for the world. Because we are Americans, and in over two centuries there is no challenge we have not met. Whether an Act of God or an act of tyranny, our nation always rises above the storm and shines her light of liberty across our planet, serving as a warm reminder that tomorrow is a better day, and that to work and dream for a better future is never fruitless. Tomorrow will be a better day. 

Yes We Can

Our economy is highly dependent on consumer spending and confidence. So I feel there is nothing more patriotic you can do for America than to join me on April 22nd at River Hills Country Club for a golf tournament to benefit the USF Volleyball team.  You can do your civic duty by either joining us and playing in the tournament at, by making a gift as a hole sponsor, or donating a prize to the World Famous Raffle. The raffle, much like the investment needed to restart our economy, is an investment in your future. That's because anyone that buys at least $20 worth of tickets always goes home with much more than that in retail value. This tournament not only will assure you of a gift bag of some of the finest items available anywhere, including a very snappy Under Armour polo shirt (Malia says it looks "fly"), but also 18 holes on a Friday afternoon at a wonderful golf course with your friends. 

As you know, the end of prohibiiton was one of the things that really helped to rally our economy out of the Great Depression. In that same vein, we will be serving all the beer and alcohol you can drink, as well as a spectacular catered dinner during our awards reception. A state dinner has nothing on what will be served.

The team you'll be supporting is on the cusp of great things for the 2011 season. You will meet some of the nicest student-athlete's and coaches anywhere, and help their efforts to make the green and gold one of the best teams in America.  Because times are so tough, this tournament is also a great bargain. Skip Holtz wants $5000 for a foursome in his tournament. So does Stan Heath. These leaders are out of touch with Main Street, and that's why I encourage you to work with teams that understand how hard times are.

All the information you need is right here. I encourage all of you to do your civic duty and join me on April 22nd. 

Yes We Can.