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Dominique Jones Has A Tattoo Of The Larry O'Brien Trophy On His Neck

Former USF player Dominique Jones had his rookie season in the NBA cut short due to a stress fracture in his foot, but he'll still collect a ring/belt/bauble/small private island from Mark Cuban for winning a championship with the Dallas Mavericks this year. And to further celebrate the achievement, DoJo decided that it would be a killer idea to get the Larry O'Brien trophy tattooed on his neck.

Jason Terry already tattooed the O'Brien trophy on his bicep before the season, so maybe it's the start of a trend. Picture of the tattoo after the jump. (Safe for work, but maybe a little creepy.)



This isn't even the first story about Jones and tattoos. In 2009, the St. Pete Times' Greg Auman wrote about the  extensive collection of tattoos on the USF basketball team. At that point, Dominique had at least 20 tattoos, including quotes from Michael Jordan transcribed on his stomach. For the extremely curious, the Times published a photo gallery along with the story.

I just wonder what Jones will do if he wins another championship. Will he group all the trophies together and start ringing them around his neck like a tattoo bracelet? Or will he find another location on his body and keep them all from getting too crowded? Guess we will have to wait to find out.

(H/T: CBS's Eye on Sports blog.)