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Voodoo Is Five - Our Greatest Hits

Some of the best posts in the history of the blog.

The Voodoo Five Eulogies: USF-Miami 2012

The day the football died.

BAHAMARAMA 2014: The Quest For 6-6

As spring practice kicks off today, we've decided that we all deserve a holiday in paradise for the last three years of football torture. (Well, a paradise besides the one we already live in.) Let's make this happen, USF.

A Letter to Jose Gaspar: Thank You For Everything

Our city's greatest day is this Saturday. This is why we love her.

USF Wins A Mascot Contest And UCF Wins A BCS Bowl

How much more obvious does it get that USF Athletics is a complete disaster?

Rutgers Hate: Football's Greatest Tradition

No one likes Rutgers, and we should appreciate this fact.

25 Great Reasons To Despise UCF

Sorry we cut this so short, but the internet ran out of room.

History of the USF-UCF "Rivalry," Part I

More words about the I-4 rivalry than you could possibly stand.

McNeese 53, USF 21: If Marquette Played Football

How the McNeese State disaster compares to Marquette-USF basketball games of yore.

Tampa is my home. And I love it.

In which we stick up for Tampa, because someone should and no one else will.

USF Beats Bowling Green In Triple Overtime

Our feeble attempt to recap what could well be the most ridiculous game in USF basketball history.

We Must Destroy USF Athletics To Save It

Now that USF's athletic department is right back where it was 10 years ago, and seemingly less likely than ever to recover, it's time to blow the whole thing up and try again with new, invested leadership.

Live From Nashville: The "House Money Tour 2012"

The "USF House Money Tour" has added a second Nashville date and is looking into opening in St. Louis next weekend.

USF Basketball Mixology, Game 35: Temple

Live From Dayton: The Best, Least USF Night Ever

New V5!! Live From Dayton: The Best, Least USF Night Ever

Forget 7-5: These Rules Would Make Bowl Season Better, And Way More Fun

Hipster Walt Reminisces About The Past

USF football is revisited by a mysterious character who knew them when.

Stampede Bonus: #16, USF's Other First Quarterback

In today's Stampede Roster Bonus, meet USF's first quarterback. No, not Chad Barnhardt. The other first quarterback.

USF's Jeremiah Warren Denied Big East LobsterFest Immortality By Poor Event Planning

Jeremiah Warren was well on his way to breaking the all-time Big East Media Days clambake record for lobster consumption. Until fate (or terrible planning) intervened.

Dominique Jones Has A Tattoo Of The Larry O'Brien Trophy On His Neck

Former Bulls great Dominique Jones decides to commemorate the Dallas Mavericks' NBA championship in an unusual way.

Softball Wins One, Loses One, Leaves One At DePaul

An odd weekend for USF softball in Chicago with an extremely odd ending.

Voodoo Five Responds To The Gender Equity Controversy

USF is claiming that they aren't padding their women's sports rosters to conform with Title IX. We'd like to believe them, but the numbers don't make that easy for us to do.

Other Things Cleaned Out Of The USF Basketball Offices This Week

After the St. Pete Times' Greg Auman tweeted a picture of things piled up on the Sun Dome floor to move out of the basketball offices before renovation, we decided to figure out what was in that pile.

We're Still Preoccupied With 1995

Game 19 Anthem: Big East Tournament

For the Big East tournament and probably the last game of the season, we found the absolute worst anthem we could find.

Porche Grant Gives Rutgers Fans Her Digits

At least one of us didn't mind the incident in Piscataway in Wednesday night.

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From GarySJ. Because He Had The Wherewithal To Write What I Couldn't

Our Coping Mechanism For Big East Season

Hey USF fans, do you need a coping mechanism for what is sure to be an awful Big East conference season? We think we have one for you.

The Cynic's Guide to the College Football Coaching Carousel

Everything you ever wanted to know about the insanity of the college football coaching carousel, now available in one handy-dandy guide. Plant your tongue firmly in your cheek and enjoy.

Twitter Recaps The USF-Miami Game

I had a busy day on Saturday and still haven't watched the entire game, but now you can follow the end of the game the way I followed it -- on Twitter.

USF-FAU 2007: Ben Williams Saves The Day

The last time USF and Florida Atlantic played in 2007, the Bulls teetered on the edge of complete disaster on the road in Fort Lauderdale. Fortunately, they had Ben Williams to reel them back in from the edge.

The Ballad of Willie Taggart

Let's look back at the painful night where current Western Kentucky coach Willie Taggart destroyed USF as a player for that same Hilltoppers team. Warm up those banjos and vocal cords, it's time for a song!

"15 For 15" - The Greatest Player in USF Football History Is...

The greatest player in USF football history is...


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