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Time To Kick Off USF Football BAHAMARAMA 2014

We deserve a holiday in paradise. (Well, other than the one we already live in.) Let's make this happen, USF.

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Let Coach T drive this bus... into the ocean!
Let Coach T drive this bus... into the ocean!
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This is the fifth spring practice that's happened on this blog's watch. I think we've made it really clear over the years that we only believe two things about spring practice:

1. The only successful spring practice is one where no one gets seriously hurt.

2. You're not going to learn anything.

Now I don't know about the rest of these guys, but I'm ready to add a third thing to the list:

3. Do not make any predictions about the season at any time during spring practice.

This has painted us into a bit of a corner when it comes to writing about spring practice. No predictions? No hugging? No learning? What are we supposed to talk about?

Well... let's talk about this. This is the dream right here.


Six wins. Get six wins and we can all go blow out the last three years of frustration, anger, and despair with an epic party in the Bahamas Bowl. We need this. You need this. Everyone who works for USF needs this. Today is the start of BAHAMARAMA 2014.

Perhaps we are aiming a bit low, trying for a mere 6-6 season. But honestly, if you don't win this conference and get the one big-boy bowl bid up for grabs, where are you going to end up? Annapolis? Birmingham? Fort Worth? Pssssh. Let's go lie on a beach at the Atlantis Resort, burn to a crisp in the sun, drink a whole bunch of rum, and have a good time. Then on game day, we'll put on our finest board shorts and flip-flops so we can watch MACtion with our new friends from some frozen-solid town up north that are even happier to be there than we are.

Go Bulls. Go Bahamas. Go party. BAHAMARAMA 2014.

P.S. They have casinos, too.